Job Wished He Had Never Been Born

Death of a loved one and sickness can wreck a person’s life if God is not called upon. Peace is given in life, while sorrow is no longer an issue in heaven.

When We Run From God

Many people run from God, but doing this has consequences like we see with Jonah. So do as God says and don’t run from Him.

The Rapture

With Christ’s return comes the rapture of the saints. Live your life for Jesus, that you may be included with those who are saved.

Jezebel’s Death

Jezebel’s death is an example of what happens to a person who fights against God, and His prophets, and goes after false gods instead.

A Christian Lifestyle

A Christian lifestyle is different than wicked people in this world. Therefore, we are no longer partakers in their evil deeds.

The Four Lepers Of Samaria

God is so powerful that He causes our enemies to flee. We have nothing to fear if the Lord God of the heavens is on our side.

First Paradise, Then Heaven

We will receive comfort in death, while in paradise. However, in heaven, there are no more tears, death, sorrow, crying, or pain.

Helping Full Time Missionaries

As fellow Christians, we are to help the full-time missionaries and those on mission trips. Start opening your doors to help them.