The Lord’s Vineyard

As the people of God did not obey His counsel, God’s wrath and judgements were upon their shoulders.

Drinking Wine And Strong Drinks

If you are among such people that are known for drinking wine and other strong alcoholic drinks, then beware for your soul, for it is at stake.

Faith Plus Works

It is God that would move us to love one another as He loves us. Without such love in our lives, there Is no true faith.


The Lord does not allow any form of wickedness in His kingdom. So if your lifestyle is contrary to God, I ask that you humble yourself and repent.

Judgment On Jerusalem

Think about the gay festivals, parades, bars, TV and movies. Their evil deeds are everywhere and they do not hide their feelings for one another.

The Coming Of The Lord

The day of our Lord God will be a great day for those that waited on Him and therefore were made righteous through their faith.

The Lord Will Rule And Reign

While the Lord Jesus comes to rule and reign on the earth, His laws will be established. Every nation will be under His control.

God’s Wrath is Upon The Disobedient

The things that were previously mentioned concerning the people of Jerusalem also apply to us. We will not get a free pass just because we say we believe in Jesus.

God Helps Us Love

When God’s love comes into our lives, our desires are flipped upside down. Instead of wanting so much, we instead give what we can.

Marriage Vows

My question is, if you feel like the love in your marriage is over or dormant right now, wouldn’t it be great if those trying times were over?

Going All In For Your Spouse

The same love that God has instilled in your marriage, this love can pull you out of the hard times you are in now.

Marriage, Where Is The Romance?

As Jesus’s love comes into a person’s life, everything changes. Not only is our relationship with Him increased but our relationship with our spouse is also elevated like never before.

Care For Those We Love

Even in the midst of the love that Solomon’s wife showed towards Solomon, there is someone greater that cares for each one of us. That person is God.

Abortion Is Murder

Please understand that children, unborn or born, are precious in the sight of God. Never ever harm your children unless you desire the wrath of God, this includes abortion.

Marriage On Cloud Nine

God will move you to speak to the very soul of your spouse. You will say things that will move them in a way that will truly impact them.

The Passion In Marriage

Tell your spouse how beautiful they are, on a daily basis. Learn of Solomon when he said, “behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; thou hast doves’ eyes.”

Keep God’s Commandments

If we are seeking God and allowing His love into our lives, then we will love as He loves. However, our own love is temporary and does not make a lasting difference in a person’s life.

Rest In Jesus

There is nothing like being surrounded by the presence of God. Once you’ve experienced such peace and tranquility, you won’t help but go back to the Lord.