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KJV Bible (Audio)

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Listen To The Bible

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Bible Test

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Joseph Smith Exposed

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Our Belief In Jesus

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Paul Gee

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Oh Lord, I pray that every person that declares to believe in You, will truly desire to learn from You also. May Your words, from the Bible, become their source of truth, outside of anyone else's opinion about doctrine. So many people have started up churches based on beliefs that Your Word is against. However, since these teachings appear to be good on the outside, and their modern revelation tells them so, then people believe it to be true. Yes, it is this type of trickery that people use today to deceive even the elect. These religious men say that they are men of faith when truly they undercut the value of the Bible and elevate their own words instead. The same can be said for Mormons, who believe in their prophets words, more so than Your Words in the Bible. These people do not believe that You, Jesus, is their creator, because they trust in men over Your Words. They also believe, like Lucifer did, that they can become Gods, even though this desire is enough to be cast a person into hell. My soul is saddened by all of this. Surely, their prophets are leading these people down a dark road to destruction. I pray Lord that you will convict them of these false teachings, that they may repent, leave their church behind and come unto You fully. You are our God and King and Your Words are supreme. Anything above what You say is blasphemy. I trust in You above all things. For this, my path is secure in You, my Lord. Thank You Jesus. I love You. Amen.
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