Today’s Prayer (08/30/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will come to You, even as their personal Savior. That people would begin to cry out to You as Job did in his afflictions. Then, would You also come to their rescue also. Too many people are currently living a life of sin, where darkness abounds and death is at their door. People do not realize that playing around with sin is like playing with fire. It leads a person to hell and destruction come death. How this is the time to repent of our sins, while we still have breath. Even if we are living our life for You, Jesus, I pray that this faith will not grow dim. Life’s trials face everybody in life, no matter how strong they are in the faith or not. Therefore, it is up to each of us to continue to call upon Your Name in prayer often. To lift You up above all things and to express everything that is in our hearts to You. Lord, I know that You do not wish that we hold back anything in pray. For everything that we have to say is important. Even if we are currently suffering and what we have to say are more questions than thanks, it is needed. Surely, wisdom is necessary in these moments, though giving thanks is also very important. Therefore, help people know that in our darkest moments to always remember to find things to be grateful for and express them to You in prayer. Lord, I wish to always have You come and answer me that I might hear Your voice, but I know that You also use the Bible and other people to speak to me as well. Therefore, help me to always be found learning from You, no matter what it is and who it is that You send to me. I love You, God. I give You glory and praise, this day and forever. Amen.
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