Today’s Prayer (06/16/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will be desirous to not only pray and to do Your will, but to also give offerings and even tithing to their church. Even I have been a part of the group of believers that hasn’t given when I should have, and I am sorry. I haven’t been ready and didn’t have money on me when offerings have gone around, which I regret. I hadn’t gotten money out of the bank, in order to put it in a basket, which was very careless. And as it went from me to the next person, without me giving a thing, there has always been much guilt that has filled my heart. Oh, how guilty I have been for not giving at times when I know the church needed it most. Even though I have given many times before and still do give, I am sorry, Lord, for not being a willing giver when You have called me to be one. Even as a cheerful giver, this is what all believers ought to be doing, even as unto You, oh Lord. We don’t give forcefully, just because others are doing it, but because we love You and want to help the building up of Your church and Your kingdom. No regret of what we offered, for it is all out of love that we do such things. Thank You for giving me all that I have. I just give unto others and Your church, because You have given me so much. I love You more than money. May having money never be a deterrent of giving towards others who need things more than I do. Even when I do not have much money and am in a bind, help me to just trust in You and still give what I can anyways. I know that Your blessings will pour down from the heavens, if we would just trust in You. I believe in You Lord, and know that You will always provide for my needs. I love You. Amen.
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