Today’s Prayer (04/17/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, I know that after death comes judgment. I know that depending on the life we lead, there will either be rejoicing or trembling in that day. As for me, my heart is for You. I do not wish to leave Your path. There is no one else I’d rather serve but You, Lord God. My happiness can only be found in You. Where else can I go but Your love. Lord, lead me all the days of my life. Help me not go off your path. Build up my faith that I might fight against temptation. I wish to live out this life with You in my heart always. I also wish to lead many people to Your presence. When my day comes and death comes my way, I will be ready. I can’t wait to come before You. I will bow down before You and rejoice. You are my King and I give You all the glory. I give You all the praise. My life is Yours. I love You. Amen.
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