Off The Kirb Ministries

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5 thoughts on “Off The Kirb Ministries”

  1. Hello of the Kirb ministries I have a question I’m really hoping you could help me with. I need to find someone in ministry or a church or an anointed disciple of Christ Jesus who can baptise me in his name the name above all name.i cannot find any place or person to baptise me in Jesus Christ name if you can please get back to me and let me know I would be really great full thank you and God bless you

  2. Who do you think HE’ll speak to saying “Depart from me you workers of torahlessness, I never knew you.” ?!?!? He’ll say that to every gentile that’s lawless. To be in Christ is to follow His ways, have His heart, believing in Him to cover the laws you couldn’t manage to keep .. though you really tried to out of obedience!
    Christ+ law = saved.
    You cannot have only one. Both or nothing. And because of this ignorance, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth…. And whoever promotes only one will be thrown into outer darkness.


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