Intact In Christ

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  1. I need Deliverance to fulfill my Calling & to get direction for career, to be independent $. I…Unemployed for many years, many talents, skills, education, multilingual with low Self-Esteem Low worth. Rejection, unemployment, discrimination by Canadian society, Employers. Confusion with, Not have but want a profession, a church, Ministry, organization, group…I can TRUST, honest 1. Where?
    Most Ministries are corrupt. Can I trust yours?
    We are cynical, jaded, hurt from Churches, society…
    My Mother, Senior & I, 40+, we need Deliverance, Christians. Please respond. [email protected]

    • Jim. God bless you. Please email me at [email protected]. I would love to give you my phone number so we an chat. I am the author and founder of Daily Christian Devotionals and would love to help you on your faith journey. One thing that will help is reading the Bible daily and praying often. Please consider this, and change what you use your time on. Make sure it glorifies God and doesn’t cause the Holy Spirit to be offended. Also, this site has over a thousand devotionals based on the Bible that will help you grow closer to Jesus daily. That link is here… Please know that I am praying for you, but also know that when you call upon the name of Jesus, He will deliver you. Cry out to Him in your confessions and the Lord will come to your rescue. Anyhow, email me and I’ll give you my contact info, so we can talk more over the phone. God bless you. -Paul Gee


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