Persecution In The Service Of God

It is an honor to serve my God, my King. I trust in His goodness to save me from my foes. When I speak through the Holy Spirit nothing can pierce me for God is with me.

Thanks To All Service Men

God bless all the service men for keeping us safe when times are hard. Even in uncertainty you come to our rescue.

Endless Genealogies

The time for keeping endless genealogies was done away with, with the Old Law. We now live for Christ each day, while in the faith.

To Live And Die For God

I will live and die for the Lord. Jesus is why I have breath, so I live this life knowing that one day I will be with Him in heaven.

Casting Lots

Every person that was given a role to serve in the house of the Lord was mentioned. All these people were not anybody ordinary, but chief men, for God was not only important to them, but they showed their service to God also.

What Will You Be Remembered By?

In David’s time, people were remembered in many different ways. We know this since people’s names and what they did are written in the book of Chronicles.

Tithes And Offerings Unto The Lord

Because churchgoers give with a willing heart, there are churches all around the globe that have their doors open on the weekend, and during the week.

Do You Seek The Lord Daily?

Doing God’s will is what a Christian does daily. They don’t just say they believe but live out their faith in Jesus.

Death And Judgment

In death, our bodies will not rise until the day of our resurrection, while our spirits will wait for the judgement seat of Christ.

Fellowship With One Another

May you all come to Christ and allow Him to give you boldness. May the Lord, open your heart to talk to people, even when you are more often shy than not.

Church Is The Body Of Christ

Don’t be a phony but a warrior for Christ. When all your friends are going out drinking and invite you to tag along, just say no.

Our Ways Likened Unto Christ’s

When we continue to put our trust in God and lean on Him in all situations of our lives, everything tends to work out for the greater good.

Mixing The World Into Church

Anybody who teaches their children about Santa Claus is not following Jesus. Those in Christ don’t teach lies to their kids.

Jesus Said He Is God: John 8

Jesus is the great “I Am”. He proclaimed this to the people. Therefore, He is the Lord God Almighty, who is worthy to save.