Persecution For Righteousness Sake

Surely, there is much rejoicing for those that die in the Lord. So many people have suffered for such a good cause, though it is hard to bear and witness.

Persecution Of The Saints

The blood of the saints will cry out against the evil men and women of the world. At the same time, God’s people will never stop praising the Lord.

Stand Strong In Persecution

Lift up the Lord in all you do. Let His light shine in your life. In persecution stand strong in your faith.

When Persecution Rises

When people come against us because of our faith, we are to let our light shine even more so in proclaiming the name of Jesus.

Persecution In The Service Of God

It is an honor to serve my God, my King. I trust in His goodness to save me from my foes. When I speak through the Holy Spirit nothing can pierce me for God is with me.

Muslim Persecution Prophecy

In life, persecutions will come to those in the faith. But Jesus will help us through it all. He holds us in His mighty hands.

What Would You Do For Jesus?

What if you felt that God was calling you to help a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor in need. Would you do it?

Evangelism Is Not Easy But Worth It

While in the service of God there will be persecution, even to the point of death. Nobody said that being a witness for Christ will come easy, instead it comes with a lot of hard work and tears.

A Blessing To Be Persecuted

People will come at us and say different things because of our faith. Some even do so, in order to discourage us. But do not get upset by it, instead respond in a positive way.

Four Types Of People

You are either saved and there are fruits to show for it, or else you are unsaved and no fruits from God can be seen in your life.

Suffering As A Christian

Christians suffer a lot. Persecutions come, as people try to still our joy. But in prayer, we are given the strength to overcome.