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Overcoming Sexual Sin

If you have an issue with sexual sin in your life come to the Lord with it. Discover a new relationship with Him. Give your sin to Him.

This I Believe

Jesus’s love changes lives. Jesus can take us out of the pit of sin and transform our heart. Once we accept Jesus in our lives He will send His Holy Spirit into our hearts.

Be A Witness Of Jesus

If any of you have accepted the Lord and not been baptized yet please do. It is a demonstration of your faith to God

Lift Up Your Voice

When I pray I am in peace. Jesus’s love overtakes me. He is right by my side. I know He is listening. My heart is filled with His love. I feel safe for He is with me.

My God Is Most Beautiful

We live in such a wonderful place because of His beautiful creation. How wonderful it is to bask in Jesus’s love.