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Category: Baptism

Victor’s Baptism

After that meeting ended, Jaron, Victor and I went into a prayer room with the other guys that were evangelizing. Upon entering, I introduced Victor to them all.

Baptized Into Christ Jesus

When we follow Jesus through baptism, our lives are changed forever. As we go down into the water, Christ is with us, unto death.

Arise And Be Baptized

When the Lord forgave my sins I was so happy. My life was changed in an instant. I was so anxious to see what this new life would be like.

Born Again

Thank You Jesus for your great love. It’s the miracle You’ve done in my life that has made me so happy. I can’t wait for the day to see the kingdom of God.

Born Again In Christ Jesus

Have you been born again? Are you alive in Jesus? Is your faith sure in the Lord? Are you doing everything you can to follow Him?