Jesus’s Second Coming

In these last days, that Jesus returns, Isaiah said that the whole earth would shake. It would no longer be the same place again.

God’s judgments Are Upon The Wicked

God said that although the people, in his time, may not agree with his stance on God and His laws, he had no need to fear them, but to stay firm in his faith.

The Coming Of The Lord

The day of our Lord God will be a great day for those that waited on Him and therefore were made righteous through their faith.

The Lord Will Rule And Reign

While the Lord Jesus comes to rule and reign on the earth, His laws will be established. Every nation will be under His control.

Be Vigilant And Sober Minded

We are to “watch and be sober”. Understand that the night crowd can easily lead you astray, so stay vigilant and go to bed when it is night.

The Ten Virgins

Jesus teaches that five of the virgins carried their lamps with oil to light their path. They could see what dangers were before them and stand against it.

Endure To The End And Do Not Be Deceived

This is the time to make our lives right with the Lord. We must be familiar with what the Bible teaches or else we will be easily deceived by doctrines that resemble God’s Word.

Have You Anyone Else Here?

Before the Lord returns in the heavens above I hope to help bring many more souls to Him. It wouldn’t be fair for me to keep the goodness of God to myself.

Declare The Good News

The Lord urges us to spread His gospel to everyone. His message is not only vital to our family and friends but to others we come in contact with.

Heed God’s Counsel

The Second Coming will be similar to Noah’s time. Although God’s followers will speak of His coming only few will listen.

Accept Jesus As Lord

To accept Jesus into our hearts means to make Him the highest priority in our lives. We sacrifice our time to live a life for Him.

Jesus Is Coming

Live each day as if the Lord was returning today. Be waiting and ready for His coming. Seek Him often in prayer. Live each day for the Lord.

The Lord Is Coming

Put Jesus first in your life so that when He returns you will see Him and be joyful. Only His people will be saved in that day.