Calling Out The Lost To Come To Jesus

Calling all Satanists, witches, atheists and those in false religions to come to Jesus. Your unbelief, false beliefs, and/or wickedness will cause you to die in in your sins and go to hell lest you repent and come to Jesus.

False Religions

If you, knowingly are a part of a false religion, then l I ask, and God asks also, for You to come out of it for Christ’s sake.

Jesus Said He Is God: Mark 2

Because Jesus is the “Son of Man”, that also makes Him the Lord our God. He has the power to heal us and to forgive us our sins.

Jesus Said He Is God: Luke 5

Because Jesus is the Son of Man, this means He is God. He holds the power to forgive our sins and to raise us up unto eternal life.

Jesus Said He Is God: John 13

Jesus is the Son of Man. Of which we know that means He is the Lord, even our great God. He was given dominion and glory from His Father.

Jesus Said He Is God: John 14

Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in Him. The Father sends the Holy Spirit and Jesus is with us. This is called the trinity.

Jesus Said He Is God: John 10

Jesus and the Father are one. Even the Holy Spirit is with Him and us also. These three are different persons in one true God.

Jesus Said He Is God: John 8

Jesus is the great “I Am”. He proclaimed this to the people. Therefore, He is the Lord God Almighty, who is worthy to save.

Jesus Said He Is God: Revelation 1

Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last. God said this in times past and Jesus is confirming that He is that same God.

Babylon The Great Is Fallen

As you can see from the warning above, Babylon the great or the Catholic Church is the habitation of devils and foul spirits.

Utah Mission Trip (04/05/19)

The God I know would not add to His words, the Bible. He would also not have another book that contradicts the Bible in so many ways.

To Know God’s Way More Perfectly

Please know that it is not the person that God hates but every wrong way. This includes ever false teaching, belief, doctrine and sin in this world.

Jesus Is God

The Bible is clear that Jesus is God and also our judge and creator. He is our Lord God and deserves our praise and worship.