Today’s Inspiration #2 (11/22/2018)

Happy thanksgiving everyone. God is so good to us as to bless us so much on this beautiful day. To be able to spend a day, such as this, with those we love, it is a gift from God. If you have been blessed, then give the Lord praise. Give Him praise and glory this day. I know I am so grateful for the Lord and what He has done in my life. Thank you Jesus! I am so blessed, my dear Lord. I love You, my God.

Today’s Inspiration #2 (11/17/2018)

Is your lifestyle pleasing to God? You will know this if you are in His will or in sin through reading the Bible daily. The Word will speak to our life and convict us of anything wrong. The question is, are you willing to let God cut out the evil out of your life? I will say that it is so much better when the Lord God can dwell inside of us.