12 Things Christians Do

Psalm 31, from the Bible, helps us know what to do as Christians. #1, trust in the Lord. #2, be not ashamed of Jesus. #3, walk in God’s righteousness. #4, ask God to hear your prayers and deliver you from the evil one. #5, put God first in your lives, for He is our rock

I Will Extol Thee, O Lord

Only God, who makes up three persons, is who we ought to worship and praise. I am speaking of the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

The Voice Of The Lord

People that hear God’s voice and follow Him are saved. This happens in a variety of different ways.

Examine me, O Lord

The thing about God is that most people don’t want to think about Him and His judgments. If we are guilty or innocent in His sight.

TV And Demonic Hypnosis

People have way too many TVs, so getting rid of a few at a time is very good for the soul. This gives us much more time for God.

Clean Hands And A Pure Heart

Who will be there with the Lord? Those who have clean hands and a pure heart. These are those who know Jesus and obey His commands.