Consumed By The Fire Of God

God’s wrath is upon the wicked. Only the humble, people who trust in God, will escape the quenching fire of hell come death.

Unfavored Mercy After War

It may be hard to forgive someone that has hurt us, but the right thing to do is to forgive them anyway, just as God forgives us.

The Book Of Enoch: Part 2

If writers in the Bible quoted and referenced books that are outside the Bible, then there is no harm in reading them as well.

The Book Of Enoch: Part 1

The Book of Enoch was quoted from Jude. Jude and Peter also references this book. Therefore, there is no harm in reading it.

Is God Your Protector?

God is your protector if He dwells in you. If not, then willful sin is present instead. You must make a choice whom you will serve.

The Wicked Kings Of Israel

Generations can easily be affected in a very bad way when people before them do evil in the sight of God and do not repent.


Unless we die to self and turn to God, then we will die in our sins. We can’t disregard God and His commandments and still expect to be saved.

Baptisms For The Dead

Be careful! Unless you read the Bible, chapter by chapter, and keep this up daily, you may easily take God’s Word out of context.

The House Of The Lord

God still desires of us to walk in His statutes and to keep His commandments. Then, will He will dwell with HIs people.