Jesus Healed The Blind Man

People are not born into an illness or deficiency because of sin. Neither is this the case when health problems fall onto a person.

Jesus’s Prayer To The Father

In verses 1 and 2, Jesus called His Father, who is in heaven, and mentioned that his hour to be crucified was soon at hand.

What Would You Do For Jesus?

What if you felt that God was calling you to help a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor in need. Would you do it?

The Road To Emmaus

Three days after Jesus’s death, there were two men walking to the village Emmaus. This is when Jesus appeared to them.

Are You A True Christian?

It is clear that when Jesus says our whole body is in darkness, if He is not a part of it, that this should mean something to us.

Prayer And Fasting

Like Jesus did, we can say, “get thee behind me, Satan”. These are not just words, but come with power and authority from God.

Abortion Is Shedding Innocent Blood

When women murder their unborn babies, their innocent blood is on their hands. They have seriously defiled their own bodies with the blood of innocent children.

John Prepared The Way For The Lord

Even when Isaiah was written 700 years before Christ, the prophesy of John came true at the exact moment of time that it was destined to happen.

Jesus Died For Our Sins

It is during the time that God looked away and Jesus was to suffer on His own, is when He took upon Himself our sins.

Joseph Smith And His Life Of Polygamy

In order to know the truth of Joseph Smith or expose him for what he really is, we will look at four things that stem from his practice of polygamy that easily proves that fact.

Seek After Jesus And Follow Him

In speaking of this time that the chief priests were trying to find Jesus and kill Him, Jesus knew this was happening, for it was all coming to pass as He foretold.

Followers Of Jesus Are Also His Witnesses

In Luke, chapter 10, Jesus also sent out seventy men, that were His followers, two by two, into all the cities. As people were following Jesus, He also sent them off.

Holiness To The Lord

As God’s temple is inside of each of us each of us and is holy, we ought to also walk in holiness to the Lord.

Secret And Willful Sins

One specific addiction that ruins lives is pornography and this is often done in secret. However, it is game over when a person finally gets caught looking at porn.

Abortion Is An Abomination To God

Anyone that harms a child, has God’s wrath upon them. Only a person that repents of their sins and is made right with Jesus will be saved.

The Effects Of Pornography

If there was one word that God labels a person that is a porn watcher, it is an “ADULTERER”. This word truly suits the person well and should convict them of their wrong doings.

True Love And Devotion To God

So what does it make a person that forgets God’s commandments and still says that they have faith in and know the Lord Jesus?

I Delight In God’s Ways

It is my joy to madidate on God’s Word, day in and day out, for it is very good for my soul. I do not have to worry about wondering into sin, for God’s Word is a lamp unto my feet.

Cross Dressing Is An Abomination To God

What does the Bible say about abominations to God and what is sinful in His eyes? Well, today we will look into two passages of scripture, in order to answer this question.