Fear Not For The Lord Is With Us

The Lord has said, “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; You are Mine.” We have no need to worry for the Lord is on our side.

Abstain From A Sinful Lifestyle

The happiness we attain on earth, if it isn’t by way of God, will only be temporary. I was once addicted to pornography and all it ever did was cause heartache.

God Is For Us

Though we may be weak, the Lord will help us become strong. He will strengthen us and lift us up from our burdens.

My Heart Is Yours

When the Spirit of the Lord is among us we will learn knowledge. He will instruct us to do His will. He will “guide your heart in the way” that is wise.

Give To The Needy

To live for ourselves and not others is exactly what the rich man did. Others needs weren’t important and one day he died in his sins.

Feed The Hungry

Look to others that have needs over yourselves. Doing this will change your very nature. You will learn to have compassion on others.

Sing Praises To Our God

The Lord is “mighty in power; His understanding is infinite”. We have no fear for He is on our side. He knows us all by name. We are precious in His sight.

By Grace We Are Saved Through Faith

It is our faith in Christ that changes our lives. Through the grace of God we have hope for a better day. Our lives are changed and the veil is removed from our eyes.

My Lord, My Hero

I take pride in knowing Jesus by reading the Bible. His words impact my life, each day that I read. I meditate on His message of hope for it lifts me up.

Thank You For Your Grace

Oh Lord, I praise your Name above all Names. Holy, holy is your Name. You stand supreme. Mighty are your works. Worthy is the lamb who died for all mankind.

Seek The Wisdom Of God

We all fall. There are times when our pride gets the best of us. In these moments when we make mistakes be honest and don’t make up excuses.

Famine For The Word Of God

Whenever we go to church our hearts should be open to the counsels of God in His message. We should come with a desire to learn more about Jesus.

Grow The Love In Your Marriage

What God has joined in this marriage is a perfect union. Though I don’t always make it this way, this is what He desires.

Baptized Into Christ Jesus

When we follow Jesus through baptism, our lives are changed forever. As we go down into the water, Christ is with us, unto death.

Jesus’s Answer On Divorce

When I read the verses about leaving my wife for any reason, I could hear Jesus say, “what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

His Mercy Endures Forever

Before anything else, I will seek the Lord. He brings me true joy. Nothing compares to the happiness I feel in His presence.

Love The Lord Your God

How I love You, my Lord. My praises will never tell You the great love I have for You in my heart. When I sing to your Name I am filled with great joy.

Good Shepherd

Jesus, You truly “seek what was lost and bring back what was driven away”. I was so broken until I discovered your love.

Beware Of False Prophets

In our day, there are many false prophets. They come as godly men but “but inwardly they are ravenous wolves”.

There Is No Partiality With God

God is looking for a change within us. He is looking for those that desire to do good. Those people that are willing to take a leap of faith.