Jesus Suffered That We Might Be Saved

Jesus came down to save us all from sin. We needed a Savior to give us new life. We would be lost without Him. We would be forever stuck in our sins.

Overcoming Sexual Sin

If you have an issue with sexual sin in your life come to the Lord with it. Discover a new relationship with Him. Give your sin to Him.

This I Believe

Jesus’s love changes lives. Jesus can take us out of the pit of sin and transform our heart. Once we accept Jesus in our lives He will send His Holy Spirit into our hearts.

Be A Witness Of Jesus

If any of you have accepted the Lord and not been baptized yet please do. It is a demonstration of your faith to God

Lift Up Your Voice

When I pray I am in peace. Jesus’s love overtakes me. He is right by my side. I know He is listening. My heart is filled with His love. I feel safe for He is with me.

Love Is The Most Important Gift

Let the Lord’s love fill our hearts. For Jesus loves us and wants to reign in us. Wouldn’t it be nice if all people could love Him.

What The Cross Means To Me

Jesus’s death on the Cross means more to me than I will ever know. Just to think of all the pain He had to go through for me brings tears to my eyes.

Thank You Jesus

Thank You Jesus. You have rescued me. I was so lost without You. Thank You for Your mercy. Thank You for Your kindness.

Jesus Forgave My Sins

Earlier this year I had an experience that started off my walk with Jesus. I will share it with you an encounter I had on July 13th 2015.

My Hope Is Built On Jesus

My hope is built on Jesus. He is my cornerstone. He is Lord of All. Through His blood I can be healed. Through His righteousness I can know how to live.

Is There Room For Jesus?

Is there room in your heart for Jesus? Will you let this miracle in? God’s own son has come to save us. He was born for me and you.

Have You Left The Lord?

Do you feel like the Lord has left you but still seek Him in your life? The Lord never leaves us but when we sin and fall short His love gets more and more distant.

God Loves Marriage And Hates Divorce

God loves marriage and hates divorce. Let our minds be renewed in the love of God each day. If any of you have impure thoughts for another person, give it to Jesus and let him drain the impurities from your mind.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love continues when children have gone astray. It continues when your spouse has fallen under an addiction.

Children Of Light

As we accept Jesus in our life we become the Children of Light. It’s a new day. Everything has changed.

Counsel With God

How interesting it is that most times we’d rather counsel with another person of our faith then in prayer to our God.

I Welcome You Lord

I welcome You Lord on this Holy Day. I feel Your Holy Presence. You are Mighty! You are Glorious! You are Wondrous!

God’s Grace Is In My Life

How amazing God’s Grace is in my life. I was surely a wretched person before I gave my life to Jesus.

My God Is Most Beautiful

With all the most beautiful things in this world My God is most Beautiful! He has given us so many things to make us happy.

Give Your Life To Jesus

How amazing it is when a person gives their life to Jesus. The light of Jesus is in their hearts. Their joy becomes exceedingly glad for Him.

There Is No Sweeter Name Than Jesus

There is no sweeter name than Jesus. There is power in His Name. No wonder why His Name touches more lives than anything else on earth.

A Burning Desire To Praise God

I know most us love God but have you ever just wanted to feel his presence so strong in your life that all you want to do is praise him?

Jesus Is My Everything

Jesus is my everything. I am a new person in Him. I love Him so much that it brings me to tears. His love is like the sun’s warm rays.