Hell Is Enlarged

Hell opens up its mouth to receive every worker of iniquity upon death. Even people who feel like they are saved.

Wicked From A Young Age

We can be a vial sinner in the sight of God, but the moment we come to Jesus in our confessions His mercy is for us.

Transgenderism Is Sinful

Transgenders are not born this way but are led astray through different influences in this world. The devil is leading this charge.

Fornication And Whoredoms

Whoredoms are promiscuous sexual activity and sexual acts that are against natural affection. This is working iniquity!

Righteous Judgments

Most people, including atheists, the LGBTQ, and others know about Matthew, chapter 7. They like to use verse 1 against Christian evangelists who are sharing the gospel message to the lost. They hate it when we tell them what sin is in the sight of God, for they feel judged. This judgment, they feel is

The Consequences Of The Fall

The Bible speaks about the consequences of a painful and sorrowful childbirth given to women because of Adam and Eve’s fall.