Fornication And Whoredoms

Whoredoms are promiscuous sexual activity and sexual acts that are against natural affection. This is working iniquity!

Righteous Judgments

Most people, including atheists, the LGBTQ, and others know about Matthew, chapter 7. They like to use verse 1 against Christian evangelists who are sharing the gospel message to the lost. They hate it when we tell them what sin is in the sight of God, for they feel judged. This judgment, they feel is

Our Faith In Jesus Changes Us

The moment you put your trust in Jesus, a life change begins. You are not only saved but are now made different from within.

The First Beast

The first beast will rise up into power, although speaking blasphemous things to God and his people. His name will be known soon.

The Church Of Thyatira

God has something to say to those who live under the Jezebel Spirit, which is fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and porn.

Abide In Jesus And Sin Not

The only way we cannot sin is if we abide in Jesus. When we do not do this, sin abounds in us and we do not know Him.

The LGBTQ+ Movement Is So Evil

Homosexuality is of the devil. They need to repent and become straight through the help of Jesus, lest they die and go to hell.

Homosexuality And Pornography

People who are proud, lovers of their own selves, are without natural affection, and love pleasure, depart from the faith.

Types Of Sexual Sins

Sexual sin is destroying marriages, our relationship with our spouse, and more importantly our relationship with God, who saves.