Proverbs 18:10-12

Proverbs 18:10-12 (KJV)
10 The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.
11 The rich man’s wealth is his strong city, and as an high wall in his own conceit.
12 Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour is humility.

Proverbs 18:1,2

Proverbs 18:1,2 (KJV)
1 Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.
2 A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.

Today’s Prayer (07/28/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, come and cut down the pride in men and women’s hearts. When these people are shut up and have no place to receive You, convict them of their wrongs, nonetheless. Lead good Christians to pray for and care for them. May they speak with love and peace and never give up on them. Help these Christians to abide in You and speak through the Spirit. Then you can pierce the hearts of the wicked and show them the darkness that they are in. One day, I pray that their walls may come crumbling down. And in all their brokenness, I know that You can mend their broken hearts. You can speak wisdom to their lives and lead them to the truth. We are unable to escape the temptations of the devil but with You in our lives, we can do all things. So Lord, I pray that humility will come and that these people will be drawn to Your love. May they find mercy and grace. And when that happens, show them a new life . Give them understanding from above and lead them by the Spirit. Thank You for showing me the way. I am humbled by Your mercy and wisdom in my life. Thank You Lord. I love You. Amen.

Be Wise In The Lord And No Longer Foolish

With all things good from God, there will always be the majority of people that reject it. Because they are foolish, they cannot see the value of learning from God.