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  1. Hi Jimmy my Name is Vadim i live in Sacramento CA my dad had a few heart attacks and he had a stroke can you please pray for him also can i get your phone number and email so i can contact you and would like to connect to you through skype or video chat so i can show you my dad what condition hes in i watched your preaching videos on youtube keep preaching the word of God it needs to be preached and heard so more people become saved so more people can come to God Jesus Christ

  2. Greetings, I have tried unsuccessfully many ways to contact you and am hoping and praying you.will read this. I am Rev.Eddie Donnally and I host and prduce a national weekly TV Show, The Power of One,” that features singles/couples and small church ministries that have joined God’s End Time Army and go outside the walls of the church to preach Christ’s Gospel. You fit very well and I would like to interview you on camera and use some of you footage to produce a feature I will air, likely more than once, and you wil have the feature for your own uses. I want to tell your story and what leds you to do this, challenges and spiritual rewards.

    But I am only ib NO through Monday, July 27 but I am willing to meet you any time you see fit. If you are not interested, I hope you will call me at 818-653-3711. The devil seems to not want me to do this feature, but he is a defeated foe and go into a phone booth and call 911 because Christ’s goseel wil go forth. You can google my name or check me out on my website if you want to know more. I am a hospice and hospital chaplaiin in Clearwater, FL but the Lord has given me an incredible platform and I stand Matthew 5:16.

    Please call me. ‘

    May the Lord continue to bless your incredible ministry

    Rev, Eddie Donnally

  3. if you are trying to get something to him he puts his address on a lot of his youtube videos if you would like to write him a letter


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