Richard Lorenzo Jr.

Pastor Richard Lorenzo Jr. is the founder and Senior Pastor of the Remnant Revival Outreach Center. RROC is an end times army called to bring revival to the nations, resuscitating the body of Christ, reaching the lost in the highways and byways, moving in Spirit & Power! RROC is a center where people with different assignments, callings, and destiny’s come together in unity to glorify Jesus Christ in person & internationally through the digital spaces!

Y-City Preachers

We (Y-City Preachers) want to teach, preach and reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We’re fed up with the powerless, watered down, unholy, and detestable Christianity that is in love with this world and it’s entertainments, pleasures and fleshly desires! They need to repent!


SO BE IT! is hosted by Jeff and Elisha. We are Jewish believers in Jesus and we bring to light the Jewish and Christian connection through understanding Jesus as the Messiah and Savior of the world.

Paul The Evangelist

Many Gospel Topics from the Bible are discussed. I include many different guests and also do debates with Mormons in these videos. I live for Jesus and to bring people to Him is the least I can do.

Nick Dotson

Over my 8 years of being a Christian, I have been personally healed and I have seen people be healed of all kinds of sicknesses and diseases. I have had demons casted out of me, I have cast demons out of people.

Isaiah Saldivar

Husband – Father – Livestreamer – Revivalist. Training believers to live a supernatural lifestyle!