Giving Thanks To The Lord

There is so much to give thanks for. And something we don’t do enough is to give God thanks for our many blessings.

Giving To The Poor

When you make food at home or go out for dinner, why not invite someone who is less fortunate to join you, like a homeless person.

Beware Of Covetousness

Coveting is very sinful in God’s eyes. What you treasure is where your heart is also. So begin to seek first the kingdom of God.

Four Different Types of People

What type of person are you? Are you saved and are bringing forth fruits based on your faith? That is the only way salvation comes.

What Are You Doing Now?

What matters in life is what we are doing now, not what we once did in the past. God cares about how we are serving Him now.

The Mark Of The Beast: Part 2

First the mask mandate and then the COVID vaccine mandate. Only God’s elect will be ready for it and also resist it at all costs.

How To Make The Devil Leave

There is only one way that we can make the devil leave us. It is to stay in the light of Jesus. Then can we resist temptation.

The Armor Of God

There is only one way we can win the battle against temptation. It is through the armor of God in our lives.

Lukewarm Christians

Don’t be found with the lukewarm Christians. These people appear to be on God’s side but are filthy on the inside and unsaved.

The Mark Of The Beast: Part 1

The mark of the beast is coming around the corner. Be watchful and ready to resist getting the vaccine and later on the mark.

Jesus Rose From The Dead

Jesus is alive and working in the lives of millions of people today. His fire cannot be tamed, for the Holy Spirit is alive in us.

The Parable Of The Fig Tree

Take heed and be watchful for Jesus’s return. Therefore, be in constant prayer and supplication to the Lord, our God, who saves.

The Parable Of The Vineyard

God has been using people for centuries to do His work in His vineyard. The question is, are you allowing God to use you?