Gossip Is Hurtful And Causes Strife

I speak of gossip and hurtful things that people say, because although it may make the person saying such things feel good, it damages other people to the core.

Free From Addiction

Addiction is sin and in Christ, these sins are destroyed, that we may follow Him to the fullest. As mentioned, addictions come in all forms but a growing trend among young people is vaping.

Christians Can Be Deceived

As hard times come to all believers in Christ, our daily prayers, Bible study, fellowship with other believers, and doing God’s will, will be our refuge in the storms.

Honesty And Love

We are incapable of loving as Christ does, but with Him in our lives, we gain the true capacity to love one another as He does.

We Are To Love Our Enemies

It is better to pray and love on those that are mean to us, then have God’s wrath be upon us also. Jesus said, “bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.”

After Death Comes The Judgement

Those that die in their faith, have done more than just believe. They have realized that faith without works is dead and therefore did as God’s Word says.

Consequences To Alcohol

Solomon continued to say, “Let not thine heart envy sinners.” It is unwise to want what they have. It also very foolish to be partakers in their same sins.

Baptisms: Angela And Toni

Next up for baptism was Toni. And her having back problems, Gage and I helped her into the water. The three of us men then helped support Toni, as I got ready to baptize her.

The Cross And The Resurrection

What has brought me closer to Christ than ever before is understanding the true meaning of the cross and also His resurrection.

Believe In And Do As Jesus Says

Make a decision to believe in and learn of the Lord God who saves. It would be very unwise of you to live out your entire life, having lived against the words of God.

Are You Right With God Or Man?

In this life, God is able to use us for His good. Even as parents, we are able to help raise up children that love the Lord.

True Life Happens With Christ

Those in Christ Jesus are continually thinking about their actions and how they can serve Christ. The Lord is in their minds often.

The Importance Of Baptism

Paul’s explanation of baptism should help you all understand the important of this event and why everyone in the faith does it.

It Is So Good To Praise The Lord

Let it be my witness that God is almighty and willing to save us as sinners. He is all merciful and kind. “I called upon the Lord in distress” and “the Lord answered me.”

Are You Wicked Or Wise?

Every person that neglects their opportunity to repent is wicked. They will be judged and be found guilty.

Quit Drinking And Be Sober Minded

I pray that everyone in the faith that has a drinking problem will eventually come to their senses and give it over to God in prayer.

Belief In Jesus Is A Life Change

As we read the Bible, it is crystal clear that to believe and walk in faith, is also a life change. We no longer walk after the lusts of the flesh but in the Holy Spirit.

Learn From God And His Word

Though a person of faith may desire to come to learn from God, Satan uses many different things to deter them.

Gain Wisdom And Keep It

Those that look to Christ are safely guided by God. Because we are quick to remember Him and what He teaches us through scripture and prayer, we draw nearer to Him daily.

Virtuous Men And Women In Marriage

Men and women are so blessed to find a spouse that loves the Lord and get married. These types of people don’t come every day and we are so grateful.

Judgement Day Is Coming

There is power in the name of Jesus. Trust in Him and He will give you strength. We can do all things in Christ Jesus.

God Answers Our Prayers

I know that God answers our prayers. Not only did He do this for me today but countless other times over the years.

An Alter Call To Come To Jesus

May this be calling to come to Jesus be your alter call this day. Will you come to the front and give your life to Jesus Christ today?