Today’s Prayer (11/11/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that many people who are transgender will come to know You before it is too late. There still is time for these people to be saved. They may not want to come to You because of their pride and different influences, but I know that many can still be saved through the Holy Spirit. Lead me and millions of other Christians to help these people know what is right in this world. This way they will see that we don’t hate them, but only wish to lead them into a relationship with You, Jesus. I truly believe that even their bodies can be transformed back to how You created them if they had a treatment done already. Lord, You can do all things. Nothing is limited on this earth. I believe that if You were on earth today that people could come to You and be mad whole. The surgery done on their bodies, which made them like unto the opposite sex, would vanish. In an instant, people can be restored back to how You made them. God, I ask that You give this same healing power to Your ministers on earth. Truly, this type of power is heavenly and a great revival would start if this happened. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You, God, to do Your will, and not mine. Amen.

Transgenderism Is Sinful

Transgenders are not born this way but are led astray through different influences in this world. The devil is leading this charge.