God’s Beautiful Creation

Our God is perfect in all His ways. His creation was laid out with such precision. It leaves me in awe just thinking of His glorious creation.

God’s Magnificent Creation

We were made in the likeness of God. We all have a purpose on earth. We are not alone for God is always with us. Thank Him each day in prayer.

Abortion Goes Against God And His Creation

Now, if you think that Jeremiah was on key when it comes to life, wait till you see what David said. As David prayed to God, his thoughts were set on his own creation.

Praises To The God Of The Heavens

God’s creation is known by all God’s children. They have been awakened by the Holy Spirit and a revival has been set in their hearts.


Each time a woman has an abortion, she is committing murder. People go to jail and killed for this same act but they are getting off scot free.

God Answered Job: Part 2

God knows every animal and their make up, just like He knows us. All of God’s creation have their unique purpose in His kingdom.

God’s Opinion On Abortion

Come and learn about the gravity of the sin of abortion. Learn what God says about this important matter.

The Ten Commandments: #4

God has commanded His people to observe the Sabbath day. This law is extended to His believers in the new covenant also.

Abortion Is An Abomination To God

Anyone that harms a child, has God’s wrath upon them. Only a person that repents of their sins and is made right with Jesus will be saved.

Building Of God’s Sanctuary: Part 2

God’s instructions continued with a vail. On the tabernacle of God was to be made “a vail of blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen of cunning work: with cherubims.” (Exodus 26:31)

Lukewarm Sinners, Repent!

If you are not all in for doing God’s will but are still willfully sinning, then God is speaking to you. If you are addicted to pornography, then know that You are an adulterer also, of which people will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Children Come From God

God loves us so much as to give us children. The offspring that the women bear comes from God’s own hands.

The Lord Is Beautiful

Come to know the Lord. Let His beauty radiate in your life. Bless the Lord for the beautiful earth we live in. Be thankful each day for all the Lord offers us.

It Is So Good To Praise The Lord

Let it be my witness that God is almighty and willing to save us as sinners. He is all merciful and kind. “I called upon the Lord in distress” and “the Lord answered me.”