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  1. My is Anthony, I am asking AOC to email me directly at my email address, it’s very important. Ever since the icon of John the Baptist in Homer Glen Illinois that has been weeping since July 2015 , strange things have been going on with me. I had all 3dreams in the book of Enoch, it says I am known as a revealer and I have much to share, including the prophecy of weeping icon of Jesus that has been weeping since December 31st 2016 and the clock is ticking fast. The problem is no one wants to listen to an uneducated man. Words of Jesus, when it comes to the mysterys of the Bible, I pray that the father not make these things known to the wise and prudent, but only reveal these things to the babes, wise and prudent means educated and prideful due to it, and babes is symbol of child means uneducated. One of my dreams was with 2 of the fallen angels or the Giant greys known as the aliens.

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