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10 thoughts on “Dorre Love”

  1. My son and several of my friends just viewed your youtube clips and we want to thank you for standing in the gap. This had such a profound impact on all of us viewing from Buffalo New York. We applaud your courage and lift the name of Jesus! We will be praying for you to to be strengthened, encouraged and for your continued boldness in the Holy Spirit!

  2. Give us at least a PO Box. I hate Paypal, give us the ability to donate to your ministry with a credit card.
    May the Lord give you peace

  3. Dorre, I love you to death! Keep preaching the word.

    I am a Christian (Christ is Lord) and I also believe in the BIG BANG… I just know who ‘banged it’ ; )

    Please read ‘I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH FAITH TO BE AN ATHIEST” by Frank Turek

    You will be convinced of Gods use of the ‘big bang’ in the creation of his Universe

  4. Beware of people who profess to “know” the unknown i.e YOU!!! You have brainwashed yourself.
    I hope you are punished for your hate.

  5. Dorre love. I’ve tried to reach you through your phone number with no avail. Hopefully you see this and can respond to me. If you know what its about please reach me at [email protected]

    Thank you, God bless you and have a wonderful day

  6. you should be ashamed for making such comment publicly. Don’t let the devil use you brother or sister. You need Jesus to be the best version of yourself. I look forward to your transformation. You will soon perceive things clearly and you will laugh at yourself for saying this.

  7. Hey Bro, just want to say. The abuse, and the strength you have to stand up for what is right is inspiring. All these people think that feelings are what’s important, they don’t see how much you want to see them in heaven. One day they’ll understand that annoying preacher guy was just trying to help them… All the best brother…

  8. When will you be evangelizing in Ottawa?…Please,Ottawa needs to be preached the Word of God. My family and I will support you with whatever you need.


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