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Read The Bible

…During trials I know the Lord is near. He draws me into the Word and gives me a passage of scripture that soothes my soul. The Lord knows me well… Continue Reading

God Delivers Us

…and He came for me. For this I live each day to follow my Lord. I may go through trials but I know that I can get through them with… Continue Reading

Lay Down Your Pride

…make a home for Him, His Spirit will dwell in our hearts. His love will carry us onward through lives trials. We will be guided to people that are searching… Continue Reading

Give Thanks To God

…hope. He gives us courage to endure life’s trials. He gives us strength to overcome sin. He is there to lead us on our way. Seek Him and you shall… Continue Reading

Counsel With The Lord

…gives us grace through trials. He is always waiting for our return. If you have fallen, get right back on the saddle. Ask the Lord for forgiveness. Be sincere in… Continue Reading

Trust In Jesus

When times are hard just say Jesus. Cry out to Him and ask for strength. Put your trust in Him and He won’t let you down. The trials in life… Continue Reading

Seek The Lord

…of trials and pain we need to put our trust in God. We need to put the Lord first in our lives. In every season come to Him. Seek Him… Continue Reading

Who Will Enter Heaven?

…of heaven.” When our hearts are convicted of God’s truth we are compelled to share it. Even through trials and tribulations our love is secure in Christ the Lord. All… Continue Reading