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The Life Of A Disciple

As Christians, afflictions and trials will come our way. It may be hard sometimes to bear but with God in our lives, there is peace and strength from above. We… Continue Reading

Jesus Loves Us All

…life. Jesus died for me and you. Because of His death we can be redeemed from our sin. He finds ways for us to overcome temptation. Even when trials are… Continue Reading

Walk With God

…The Spirit gives me direction in my life. I would be so lost without You. You give me courage to overcome trials. You give me strength when I am week…. Continue Reading

Born Again

1When we are born again, God is with us. He is in our hearts always. The Lord is the one we turn to in trials. We trust in Him with… Continue Reading

God Loves All

…love. I thank the Lord in prayer for showing such kindness to us all. He lifts me up and carry’s me through my trials. How can it be that we… Continue Reading