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Seek The Wisdom Of God

…all fall. There are times when our pride gets the best of us. In these moments when we make mistakes, be honest and don’t make up excuses. God understands that… Continue Reading

God Is Love

…me how to love my neighbor. He took my pride and turned it into love for one another. My life has been turned upside down and brought back to life… Continue Reading

Live For God And Live

…few good men and women to fight for His cause. We can either be His disciples or lay down in our pride. His gospel is going forth mightily among all… Continue Reading

My Lord, My Hero

…that believe in Him. I take pride in knowing Jesus by reading the Bible. His words impact my life, each day that I read. I meditate on His message of… Continue Reading

Direction From God

…So we may be helped in times of need, but because of our pride, we cannot give up on our sins and, therefore, go back the same direction where the… Continue Reading