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Led By God

…life, if you simply decide to repent and come to Jesus. Confession can take you there. If you put your trust in the Lord, He will deliver you from all… Continue Reading

Come To Jesus And Rejoice

…Obey the voice of the Spirit and pray to God. If you are in sin, then repent. Don’t come seeking His help but still willingly keep sinning. David said, 1“If… Continue Reading

Judgement For The Wicked

…of God. 3Jesus’s ministry was to call out the sinner to repentance. To be made knew through the blood of Jesus. Will you come to Jesus and be renewed, this… Continue Reading

Trust In God Over Man

…a broad road to destruction would repent. Help them admit that they are lost and need a Savior. Prompt them to read the Bible, that they may know the truth… Continue Reading

A Life Restored Unto The Lord

…always repent later. However, this little sin grew until it overtook me. After that relationship, my flesh battled inside of me. I longed to be fulfilled sexually. Then came marriage… Continue Reading

Come Back To Jesus

…lamps. You started down the path of following Jesus but have since gone astray. If this is your life, then come back to Jesus and repent. Don’t put this off… Continue Reading

The Ten Virgins

…to control on their own. There secret lives were beginning to seep through their so-called righteous countenance. If this life is yours, then repent. 2If you have not been born… Continue Reading