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More Workers For The Harvest

forgiveness for sins through the blood of Jesus. Instead they died without God’s grace. Don’t let this happen and when you feel compelled to talk with people, just do it,… Continue Reading

In Times Of Grief

…sins on the cross. Ask the Lord for forgiveness. He can make you new, once again. 1 Let us pray: Oh Lord, I trust in You. Even in my darkest… Continue Reading

Lower Your Pride And Pray

…Lord, and have mercy upon me: Lord, be thou my helper.” Everyone that turns from their sins and confesses them in prayer, will find mercy and forgiveness. God, can see… Continue Reading

Sexual Purity

…they confess their wrongs before You and be washed clean by Your blood. Your forgiveness gives us new hope. Thank You for caring so deeply for our lives and our… Continue Reading

Jesus, My Dear Friend

…you care so much for me, though I am a sinner? You continue to show mercy through I don’t deserve it. Your forgiveness is so great that I am left… Continue Reading

Are You God’s Sheep?

…is hope. Repent, this day. Get down on your knees and pray to God with all your heart. Ask for forgiveness of your sins. If you are sincere than Jesus… Continue Reading

The Lord Is My Strength

…Highly exalted is the Name of the Lord. We haven’t tasted salvation unless we come to know Him. Jesus gives forgiveness freely because of the cross. His blood will cover… Continue Reading

Victor’s Baptism

…his cross”. How merciful is the Lord for his forgiveness. Let us pray: Thank You Lord for Victor. He made the biggest step of life tonight. I pray that he… Continue Reading

The Wicked Must Repent

…is no repentance and our sinful lifestyle doesn’t change then there is no forgiveness for Jesus isn’t with us. Because of the lusts of our flesh we have become blinded… Continue Reading

Thank You Lord

…PreciouS shed do that to there will be forgiveness of my sins.Thank you,when I have a great trials,You there for me to comforted and carry me.You never leave me nor… Continue Reading