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Priorities In Life

…Computers, and Video Games. These are their priority, where the Bible, Prayer, Christian Music, Christian Ministries, Fellowship In The Church, Worship and doing God’s Will is not often found. So… Continue Reading

Be Sober Minded

…to have a beer or smoke. I understand that these questions come from non-Christian believers but when these people proclaim to be a Christian, it makes me wonder about their… Continue Reading

The Reason Why I Witness

This would open the doors to watch things that are uplifting like Christian Ministries and listen to Christian Music on this site and others. The Bible would also be utilized… Continue Reading

Overcoming Sexual Sin

…put pornography blocks on my computer that block pornographic ads and sites. I listen to either Christian Music or Christian Talk Radio. I go to Church on Sundays and truly… Continue Reading

Prayer And Fasting

…a minute. We, as Christians generally fast for a day and sometimes a week, at most. This we do, in order to increase our relationship with God in prayer, overcome… Continue Reading

Live By Faith

…go to church and say they are Christian but their lives are not for Jesus. Their belief in the Lord is by words only and not by deeds. If you… Continue Reading

Trials In Life

If we decide to live a life for this world or Christ, life will still be either easy to handle or very difficult. For Christians that live a life for… Continue Reading

We Are To Love Our Enemies

…is so important that consider what Jesus said here. Loving our enemies is part of a Christian life. Being a follower of Christ is not always easy but instead, showcasing… Continue Reading