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Live Apart From Sin

…desires, and all our unclean thoughts. Point us straight way to You. May your Holy Spirit rush inside of us that we may be strong to resist temptation. Build us… Continue Reading

The Wicked Are Punished

…answer is, everyone falls to temptation. The real question is, have you repented? Anybody committing habitual sin is doing 3“the works of the flesh” and are not for God. Those… Continue Reading

The Lord Delivers Us

…the hands of the wicked.” You are not able to escape the temptations of the evil one on your own accord. You need the Lord to build you up and… Continue Reading

Doctrines Of Men

…far from God then you won’t be able to fight against temptation. You won’t be able to decipher what is of God and what is not. Sin may not be… Continue Reading