The Truth Shall Set You Free

I pray that we will come to know Jesus Christ personally. That we be no longer hearers only but doers of what God has for our lives.

Rightly Dividing The Truth

It is important to study the Bible daily and to rightly divide the truth from what people say and from what God says in His Word.

The Truth About Pornography

The act of looking at porn is adultery, while masturbating to it, is taking this sin of adultery to the next level in God’s eyes.

Walk In The Truth

Seek to love the Lord our God. Love our neighbor as ourselves. Let this love take you deeper than ever before.

Share The Truth

Pray that the Lord will give you boldness to share His gospel message. Be in the Word that you may know what is truth.

Do Not Add To God’s Truth

My prayer is that people come to know Jesus. Read the Bible and you will understand the importance of the Lord in your lives.

Rescued From The Mormon Church

Only through God can we be safe in this life. Through Him and His Words, in the Bible, we can know what is truth and be led safely on His path, that leads to heaven.

False Teachings In Mormonism

There should be only one decision to make and that is to follow Jesus and what He taught in the Bible and no longer follow after the doctrines of men.

God Hates A Lying Tongue

It is when we are truthful to people, is when trust is also built. Now the opposite is when people lie and even jokingly lie and then say sorry sarcastically.