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Stand Out For God

…Become a stand out for God, starting today. Let us pray: Oh Lord, I pray that we will get our priorities in order and desire to be used in Your… Continue Reading

Gain Understanding From God

…people remove God from their lives and replace Him with other things, do they stumble. When we have higher priorities then God and His Word, His direction cannot be found…. Continue Reading

Trust In The Lord

…go in life. Help me know what is best for me. Help me know how to provide for my family. Help me keep my priorities in order. I am in… Continue Reading

My Heart Is Yours

…our God is gracious. It doesn’t matter how we appear on the outside for He looks at the heart. He searches our hearts and knows where our priorities lie. He… Continue Reading

The Lord Brings True Joy

…intoxicating. When you’ve felt it, you can never get enough. When we give up our priorities and give everything to God we will find true joy. We must discover the… Continue Reading

Cast Aside Your Pride

…knows where our priorities lie. Seek to make a truce between you and the offended. Do the necessary things to make things right. Cast out your pride. Love one another…. Continue Reading