The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s prayer surely is a roadmap we can all use in our daily prayer life. Also know that Jesus wants a sincere heart in prayer.

Prayer And Fasting

Like Jesus did, we can say, “get thee behind me, Satan”. These are not just words, but come with power and authority from God.

Prayer Warriors

As believers in Jesus, we are also prayer warriors. Meaning that we pray for others more than even ourselves.

Prayer For Forgiveness

David didn’t just pray like anyone, he prayed from the heart. He knew God was there, ready to answer his call at any moment.

Bible Study And Prayer

Be Leary about attending any Bible study where prayer is not emphasized. We never want to be led astray by men and women’s own understanding avoid from God.

Be Near To The Lord In Prayer

If your hearts are down and need help, then raise your voices and call out to the Lord. Speak freely what is on your mind. He beckons us to come to Him.

Commune With God In Prayer

Come and be fed by the King of Glory. In any time or place in your life, give your heart to God in prayer. Just open your mouth and speak from your heart.

In Our Sins, Come To God in Prayer

I pray that each of us will have this much faith to know that God will hold true to His promises. Trust that God will help you through your trials and He will.

Jesus’s Prayer To The Father

In verses 1 and 2, Jesus called His Father, who is in heaven, and mentioned that his hour to be crucified was soon at hand.

Prayer In Our Hearts

Strive to have a prayer in your hearts. The Lord can be with You each day that you seek Him.

Give Ear Unto My Prayer

Know that God in all His excellence will hear your prayers as you call upon His Name in all sincerity of heart.

Lift Up the Lord In Prayer

Be humble and come to the Lord often in prayer. Come to know Him. Give Him your heart. Our lives will be changed as we seek Him.

Give Your Burdens To God In Prayer

God helps His children in Israel and also His adopted children, through faith in Jesus Christ. We are all gathered into His fold and He is our Shepherd.