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Love And Marriage

on display in your marriage, then there is a big problem. Don’t let your marriage spiral out of control. Do what is necessary to revitalize your marriage. Make loving and… Continue Reading

Respect The Marriage Bed

To everyone that is single or married, think about marriage for a moment. This message is for all people. Why is this? 4Because, if everybody realized how sacred the marriageContinue Reading

No Marriage In Heaven

…so many great teachings from our Lord Jesus. One of His teachings was on marriage and if people would be given to marriage in heaven. Read what He says before… Continue Reading

Marriage Vows

we promised to be, but trust in You now and pray that our marriages will be healed. Yes Lord, come and put Your healing hand on my marriage and others… Continue Reading

The Passion In Marriage

will be revived as you allow God to work in your marriage. Let us pray: Oh Lord, I pray that my marriage and others will be strengthened. Come and showcase… Continue Reading

Marriage Founded On God

…our spouse. As the Lord is so merciful, let forgiveness always be in your heart for the one you love. Marriage isn’t always easy. This is because our wedding doesn’t… Continue Reading