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Churches In Our Day

I’d encourage you all to look closely at the church you attend. 2Does it lift up all of the Bible or just part of it? Does the church only teach… Continue Reading

Bringing Church Home

Today was one of the most amazing experiences. To bring church to a friend of mine, Victor, who has decided to change his life for Jesus was incredible. A couple… Continue Reading

Babylon The Great Is Fallen

…“The Great Whore” Devotional mentioned, the Roman Catholic Church’s is the false church that is described here. It also has its head quarters in Vatican City, which is part of… Continue Reading

Joseph Smith Exposed

Joseph Smith is the first prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or in other words, Mormonism. Since this church has millions of members, it is… Continue Reading

How I Came To Jesus

about the church and went to many sites looking for anti-Mormon literature. In January 2013, I came to a realization that the church was false. I hated the fact that… Continue Reading

Ananias And Sapphira

…people. And the Lord added to t In the early church, the people of God were those that sold all their goods and gave everything they earned to the churchContinue Reading

Who Do You Follow?

church organization means nothing in the sight of God. What is sad is that so many people believe that they are saved by going to church on the weekend. They… Continue Reading