Rescued From The Mormon Church

Only through God can we be safe in this life. Through Him and His Words, in the Bible, we can know what is truth and be led safely on His path, that leads to heaven.

Fellowship In The Church

Truly a church that is on fire for the Lord are also church goers who are loving on, encouraging, praying for, and doing what they can to help one another.

Mixing The World Into Church

Anybody who teaches their children about Santa Claus is not following Jesus. Those in Christ don’t teach lies to their kids.

Sleeping And Messing Around In Church

Eutychus did fall asleep, while hearing Paul’s message and, at the same time, did nothing wrong. You might ask then, why do you mention his story?

Speaking In Tongues In Church

The speaking of Tongues should only be done in a church setting if there is an interpreter. Otherwise, there is only confusion.

The Church Then Compared To Now

Few people live for God as the early church did. Instead of being led by the Spirit, people are led by the things of this world.

Church Is The Body Of Christ

Don’t be a phony but a warrior for Christ. When all your friends are going out drinking and invite you to tag along, just say no.

Revelation And The Church Of Sardis

The problem with this church and many others in our day is that most people that attend them don’t hold fast to what they have been taught from the Bible.

A Life For God Outside Of Church

To answer this question, you must first understand what it means to be saved. Jesus is our authority on this topic, and He said that unless a person is born of the Spirit they are not saved.

The Church Of Thyatira

God has something to say to those who live under the Jezebel Spirit, which is fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and porn.