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A True Christian

Now that we have defined what a true Christian is, I would like you to think to yourself if you are living a life of a Christian…. Continue Reading

The Christian Life

…from above. The wisdom that God gives is what moves them and every true Christian. Solomon spoke about a person like this, when he said, 1“I applied mine heart to… Continue Reading

What Is A Christian?

When it comes to being Christian, it isn’t something we should take lightly, for it is a way of living. We no longer live in willful sin or for this… Continue Reading

Devout Or Lukewarm Christian

…can see who truly loves Him and their neighbor. Those that God calls Christians, are worthy to receive His blessings forevermore. God’s chosen people live their life for Christ. They… Continue Reading

Are You Christian?

How can we call ourselves Christians if our hearts are in the pleasures of the world. Just by going to church will not save us. We need to decide who… Continue Reading

Joseph Smith Exposed

…of Abraham ( Book Of Abraham Review Part 1 (Daily Christian Devotionals) Book Of Abraham Review Part 2 (Daily Christian Devotionals) Book Of Abraham Review Part 3 (Daily Christian Devotionals)… Continue Reading

The Ten Commandments

Christian and when doing such things, we are also obeying all ten of God’s commandments. I mentioned what a Christian’s life is like and also incorporated each commandment into each… Continue Reading