Are You A True Christian?

It is clear that when Jesus says our whole body is in darkness, if He is not a part of it, that this should mean something to us.

A Christian Lifestyle

A Christian lifestyle is different than wicked people in this world. Therefore, we are no longer partakers in their evil deeds.

A True Christian

Now that we have defined what a true Christian is, I would like you to think to yourself if you are living a life of a Christian.

Devout Or Lukewarm Christian

When the Lord takes us in, we are all given talents. Some few and some many. What have you done with God’s gifts in your life?

Christian Characteristics

The early church members are a great example of how a Christian ought to live a life for Christ. When I say ought to, it means desire to live righteously and get off of the path of wickedness.

The Christian Life

If you are not currently all in for Christ, then this Christian lifestyle may be foreign to you. This ability to live a life pleasing to God may be difficult for you.

What Is A Christian?

As Christians, we focus our minds on God and desire His will for our lives always. This way we can be led by the Holy Spirit and do things the way He desires, and not our things.

The New Walk As A Christian

No matter what we were doing that we enjoyed before finding Jesus, if it went against God’s holy standards, it is given up.

The Life Of A Christian

The life of a Christian should easily be seen among people in the faith and among unsaved people in the world.

Suffering As A Christian

Christians suffer a lot. Persecutions come, as people try to still our joy. But in prayer, we are given the strength to overcome.

Are You Christian?

I was satisfied with my time at church but also my time in the world. It wasn’t until my sorrow was too hard to bear that I cried out to Jesus.

How To Seek God First In Our Lives

What is important in life, in order to be on the right path, is that we change our environment that we are in. This is how we can stop willfully sinning.

Joseph Smith Exposed

Jesus said, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

Laborer’s In God’s Vineyard

The Lord God calls every person to work in His vineyard. They will all then be given the same reward when all is set and done.

Where Is Your Time For God?

Please know that people can say all they want to that they are Christian, but if their lifestyle outside of church is different, then they are only a hypocrite of what they say they are.

Things That Offend Us

So what are you going to do with your life? Are you going to continue in your sins or walk in the light of Christ?

Utah Mission Trip (10/05/19)

Later, I was able to witness to a Mormon who was seeking God. Because he was ripe for the truth of God, we were able to share the truth about the cross, the gospel, prophets, temples, and other things.