The Importance Of Baptism

Paul’s explanation of baptism should help you all understand the important of this event and why everyone in the faith does it.

Baptism Saves Us

Baptism is very important to our salvation. This is when we put on Christ and tell Him that we desire to walk in the Spirit now.

Victor’s Baptism

After that meeting ended, Jaron, Victor and I went into a prayer room with the other guys that were evangelizing. Upon entering, I introduced Victor to them all.

Baptism (08/11/2019)

Praise God. A lady I witnessed to on Friday night accepted the gospel and gave her life to Christ today in baptism.

Baptisms: Angela And Toni

Next up for baptism was Toni. And her having back problems, Gage and I helped her into the water. The three of us men then helped support Toni, as I got ready to baptize her.

False Beliefs In Mormonism

Mormon Teachings are in opposition with the Bible Teachings. This is obvious when we see the teachings side by side.

Is God Your Protector?

God is your protector if He dwells in you. If not, then willful sin is present instead. You must make a choice whom you will serve.

The Gifts Of The Spirit

Some of you may recognize the gifts of the Spirit in your life, and others not so much. For me, God has given me the gift of wisdom, knowledge, faith, and to discern spirits.

The Great Commission: Part 1

We are called to be part of the great commission. Which is to witness the gospel with others and lead them to Jesus unto salvation.

The Gift Of The Holy Ghost

The gift of the Holy Spirit comes after baptism through prayer. But can only abide in us if we continue to obey God afterward.