Abortion Is An Abomination To God

Anyone that harms a child, has God’s wrath upon them. Only a person that repents of their sins and is made right with Jesus will be saved.

Abortion Is Evil

Allowing an evil act such as abortion comes with many consequences. This is doing what you think is right, though it goes against God’s will.

Abortion Is Shedding Innocent Blood

When women murder their unborn babies, their innocent blood is on their hands. They have seriously defiled their own bodies with the blood of innocent children.


Each time a woman has an abortion, she is committing murder. People go to jail and killed for this same act but they are getting off scot free.

Stand Against Abortion And Homosexuality

So let’s now read a few verses that affirm our stance on abortion and homosexuality. First off being abortion, where God said, “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” (Genesis 1:28)

God’s Opinion On Abortion

Come and learn about the gravity of the sin of abortion. Learn what God says about this important matter.

Help Stop The Slaughter In Abortion

Through abortion, the unborn baby has no rights and women can do whatever they want to them. As long as the baby is not yet born, then killing is allowed.

Abortion Goes Against God And His Creation

Now, if you think that Jeremiah was on key when it comes to life, wait till you see what David said. As David prayed to God, his thoughts were set on his own creation.

Abortion And Forgiveness

Killing innocent babies in abortion is allowing their blood to come upon your heads. Only God can cleanse you of these sins.

Abortion Is Murder

Please understand that children, unborn or born, are precious in the sight of God. Never ever harm your children unless you desire the wrath of God, this includes abortion.

Sacrificing Children In Abortion

An Abortion is sacrificing children for people’s own selfish benefit. This is an abomination to God and His anger is upon them.

Roe Vs Wade Is Overturned

Roe vs Wade is overturned. Praise God that abortion is being recognized for the evil it is and murders in certain states are ending.