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Prayers: December 2017

  • Lord, I am humbled to even speak about Your amazing birth. Surely the Angels sang out in praise, the day You were born. All the day long, trumpets sounded the birth of their King. Immanuel, Immanuel is born. God is with us. Jesus our Savior is here to save us. This day was no ordinary day. It has become the greatest day of all the earth. On Christmas, Lord, we remember your glorious birth. We come in worship and praise. We offer our lives to follow You. We sing hallelujah for You have come to save us from our sins. Thank You Lord for coming into the world. My Lord, my God, You have come. I am grateful to think on You, this day. My heart races just to think about what You have done for all mankind. And it all started in a little stable. Your birth will be forever remembered. Nations will forever praise Your holy Name. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / December 13, 2017

  • Oh Lord, I know that loving You is tied to persecution. I take it all for Your glory. People can beat me and scourge me, but Your love will stand strong. If I am to go out of this life wounded and beaten, I will go faithfully to Your presence. What matters most is that I will be with You and the rest of the saints of God. After all is done, we will stand and forever give You praise. To stand before You and to be in Your presence is what I look forward to. I can’t wait to be there with You Lord. You sustain me. You give me strength that I might bear the temptations in life. If I sin, I pray that You forgive me. Your mercy keeps us going strong. Help me rise up even stronger than ever before. May my faith be raised up in honor to Your Name. My life is for You. I live to follow You. Till the end, I will go where You lead me. No matter what happens, I will take it all with joy. You are my Savior and it is a great pleasure to follow You. I love You Lord. Amen.

    Paul Gee / December 12, 2017

  • Oh Lord, I love Your laws. I may not have before but this new heart shows me how great they truly are. They guide me in my walk with You. In my flesh, I despised Your ways but in the Spirit, I love Your ways. My wicked heart has been ripped out of me and a delightsome heart has been replaced. You saw my sins and didn’t cast me aside but had compassion upon me. I could feel Your mercy, as my sins were forgiven. Only You could see my potential and the person I could become. You lifted me up and opened my eyes to Your love. I was lost in darkness but have been found in Your marvelous light. Your Spirit is my guide. It leads me to read the Bible and uphold Your teachings. Your commandments are so important to me. May my heart never waver from following them. I never want to disobey You, Lord. Your ways are my ways. Your laws are my laws. Help me to keep them all my days. I love You. Help me to love my neighbor the same way. Only You help me do this. Thank You Lord. Amen.

    Paul Gee / December 10, 2017

  • Lord, I know that You love me. You are always listening when I come to You. Never have you cast me away but always welcomed me in. Oh How great are Your mercies. When I am down, it is so good to know that You are there. In times of happiness and joy, you give me guidance. I am grateful to have Your presence in my life. Your will is what I desire. The Spirit is what brings me closer to You, Lord Jesus. Even in times of distress, the Spirit speaks to my soul and helps me understand the situation. You bring me peace when there is none to be found. Your loving arms come over me and help me know that I am loved. People can fail me in life but I know that Your love never fails. Thank You Lord. Be there for my friends and family also, that are in need. I pray that they do seek You. There is rest when You are around. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / December 9, 2017

  • Lord, thank You for opening my eyes to the life I was living. Thank You for leading me from a life of sin. I am grateful that You took me from the darkness and into Your light. You have surely led the way, oh Lord. You have been there from the start. Since I first called Your Name, You have not let me down. You are always there for me when I seek You. Each day that I call upon Your Name, You listen. I gain so much wisdom from Your presence. I gain so much knowledge from the Bible. Your words speak clearly to my mind, on how to live for You. I no longer want to live on my own. I only want to be led by the Spirit. Lead me on Your path, that leads to life eternal. Lead me far away from the path of destruction. Lead others that are astray from that path and into Your marvelous light. May more souls be saved and come to know You daily. You are the way to heaven. I pray that Your light will shine in my life that others may know of Your great love. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / December 8, 2017

  • Oh Lord, I honor You. All praises to Your Name forevermore. I am deeply honored to know You. You are the great God of the heavens and earth. Hallowed be Your Name. I give You glory. You are worthy of all praise. You suffered and died that we might live again. In agony, You freely suffered that we might be set free. Your blood atonement washes us from all sin. Only You could free us from bondage. Oh the chains, I felt for so many years. Nothing I could do could free me. Only Your healing touch could revive my soul. You have opened my eyes to Your glory. My desires have been renewed. My heart is given to serve You, my Lord and King. Thank You for saving me from destruction and pain. You have freed me from death. I am alive because of You. All mankind can now be healed from sickness and death. Their sins can be forgiven if they but believe in You. May people draw nearer to You. May they give You the thanks that You deserve. I praise You, Lord. I rejoice in the Lamb, who was slain. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / December 6, 2017

  • Oh Lord, my heart aches at the wickedness of the world we live in. People’s hearts have not drawn closer to You but in the world. The more technology advances, the less time, people spend in Your presence. Wow, how far people have fallen. I don’t even know what to say or ask but Lord, come change the atmosphere. Stir up a renewed focus to live for You and not the world. Bring revival in the hearts of all people. May their desires be less of themselves but in You. May they come openly to Your presence through prayer and Bible study. May they give up anything that is stopping them from knowing You personally. Anything that is halting their desires to follow You, I pray that they cast it off forever. May your commandments reign true in the ears of all people. Help them know that nothing should ever come before You. All idols must be done away with. Your will brings me happiness. I give my life over to You freely. Take me as I am. Help me do Your will. Lead me. Guide me. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / December 4, 2017

  • Oh Lord, give us wisdom when things aren’t going our way. Help us know what do when we are being tempted by the enemy. Help us stay strong and not waiver from the faith. Be a light to guide us. Be our hands and feet when we do not know the way. Lord, I pray for the persecuted. I pray for those that love and honor You but are still going through trials. I know that we aren’t promised to live without tribulations. I just pray that as we go through these things that You give us a hedge of protection. May our faith never dwindle when smoke is in the horizon. Keep our heads up high when the enemies are coming. May our shields be forever raised. We need You more than ever. May your praise never escape our lips. I honor You above all things. You are al powerful. Holy is Your Name. Highly exalted will Your Name be forevermore. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / December 3, 2017

  • Oh Lord, lower the pride from people’s hearts and minds. Help them know that lifting themselves up is only bringing them further from You. Help them know that what they say is heard in the heavens. There tongue needs to be tamed. Bring these people to their knees. May they understand the person they have become. I know Lord, that I was once lifted up in my life. I could not tame my own tongue and the lusting’s of my heart. What I would speak about was so crude. I am so grateful that You took this lifestyle from me. I was on such a dark and destructive road. Only You could change me from the inside out. I now know that all good things come from You. Anything good that has ever come from my life, I give You all the glory. I give you all the praise. Thank You for doing such great things in my life. Thank You for Your mercy. Thank You for forgiving me of all my failures. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / December 2, 2017

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