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Gabe The Street Preacher

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  1. I Absolutely highly give Gabe honor and respect for his devoted concern and obedience to the Lord to confront so many demon forces in trying to reach deceived lost souls. I pray a double Holyghost Fire Anointing in and upon to be used for the Glory of God.

  2. I thank God for how he is using you. Thank you for allowing Gods will for you to be done so that others can find salvation and hope through Jesus Christ. The work that God is doing through you is of the upmost importance.

  3. well done Gabe, I wish I had your passion for the lost. Keep going brother, you are an inspiration to the church here in Liverpool UK.

  4. Hay Gabe. I wish i could give you a hug man. Your out there and instantly your toe to toe with someone trying to get you to leave. I know you Love people because your telling them the full truth. I’m not a fan of the flash but hay thats your style. If you ever find yourself in St Louis ill make space for you. (636)-253-6780.

  5. I’m amazed and frightened at the same time Gabe is well tempered and most of the people are in a rage and it’s mostly young people they rage curse mock not only Gabe but his wife. We are living in evil days but most of us including myself go day by day and don’t realize what is really happening in the world sin is rampant God is being pushed out of America in colleges schools and government We need to wake up out of our slumber and get off the pews and go get as many as we can from the harvest people are hurting lost and they have no hope and they turn to drugs and sex to hide it without Jesus there is no peace there is no hope

  6. Barbara J. Talley. I don’t even no where to start. But I think what you and your wife are doing is admribile. Following Jesus..

  7. Thank you for being the brave soul that LOVES OTHERS ENOUGH TO TELL THEM THE TRUTH FOR THE SAKE OF THIER SOULS! So many followers of Christ hoard Christ for themselves and are too afraid to tell people hell is chasing them, and they must repent to recieve the gifts of Jesus!! My husband and I are watching your videos to learn HOW to talk to those decieved and to not lose our tempers. Maybe one day we will be blessed with a spirit of courage to do what you do! Amen

    Be blessed in our Lord Jesus. Amen

  8. The denial of the trinity will also cast you into hell. You are preaching a different Jesus that cannot save you. You say you study the scriptures yet you join Mormonism, The Jehovah witness, the Ni Christo church that your wife should well know about all cults that remove Christ from His rightful place. John 1:1 is clear on who the Word is. Revelations says Jesus is the Alpha and omega the first and the last and was once dead but is now alive. Get the correct Jesus and you will make a great street preacher. Until then you are dragging souls to hell with false doctrine. I will pray for you. Jeff

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