Prayers: December 2016

  • Oh Lord, thank You for Your mercy. Your light has shined down into my soul and delivered me from darkness. You have set me free from turmoil and grief. My sadness has turned into gladness. You have breathed new life into my soul. Though my sins were great You have washed away all my iniquities. Thank You for giving me a renewed chance to follow You. You fulfill all my needs. Everything I’ve ever needed is in You. You are my everything. I can never get enough of Your love. My heart is Yours. Have Your way in me. I give my life to You freely. Let my ways be Your ways. When I walk with You I am strong. Speak words of wisdom into my soul. Give me understanding. Teach me of Your ways and I will obey. I praise Your Holy Name. I love You.

    Paul Gee / December 29, 2016

  • Thank You Lord for showing me the truth of the gospel. I stand for what is right and that is Your words. You’ve set me free from bondage. I no longer worry about my salvation for You are with me. Your love sustains my daily walk. I love You Lord. Thank You for this new chance to follow You.

    Paul Gee / December 20, 2016

  • Thank You Lord for taking me back, though I was wicked. I continue to make mistakes and You continue to forgive me. Your compassion has given me hope. I know I am not perfect but Your holiness helps me live a better life. Thank You for Your great love. You deliver peace to my life. You fulfill my every need. I am blessed to follow You, my King. I sing of my great love for You. I praise You.

    Paul Gee / December 17, 2016

  • Thank You Lord for coming into this world. You are a light to my life. You deliver me peace that never ends. Your happiness is eternal. Everything else I’ve put my trust in has eventually faded. Your promises breathe new life. I am honored to follow You. Though I’ve fallen you raise me up in repentance. I can feel your mercy and grace in my life each time I seek You in prayer. When temptation comes You help me resist. You are my shield. I trust in You. I love You.

    Paul Gee / December 16, 2016

  • Oh Lord, thank You for offering up Your throne above to be born in a manger. Your life has given me freedom from sin. I am no longer in chains but am fulfilled in Your joy. I no longer worry about Your coming but am excited to receive You. You the greatest gift on earth. Your love makes my life complete. I love You.

    Paul Gee / December 13, 2016

  • Oh God, I rejoice in Your marvelous work. Thank You for sending down Your only Son to free us from sin. Jesus’s birth brings new light to all those that have fallen. He brings good news to all those that are in bondage. We have reason to hope for a better day. Thank You for Your mercy and grace. I am forever grateful to have this new life. My hope is in Your promises. I love You and honor You. I bless Your holy Name.

    Paul Gee / December 12, 2016

  • I believe in You Lord. All blessings and honor to Your Holy Name. Your kingdom is what I look forward to. I was blinded through the things of this world and You gave me sight. You’ve delivered me from a life of pain into a life of great joy. All of my praises are extended out to You. My songs of thanksgiving are raised up to You, my Lord. No one is like You. I cherish this time to sit in Your presence. You reign supreme in my heart. I would be so empty if it wasn’t for your birth. Because You came into the world there is light. There is redemption for sins. We can be forgiven because of Your mercy. You have brought forth the gift of eternal life. Thank You Lord. I am forever grateful for all You’ve done for mankind. I love You.

    Paul Gee / December 11, 2016

  • Oh Lord, my heart is Yours. I am safe in Your loving arms. Your love is what keeps me going strong. You light up my life. There is great joy in worshiping You. Hallelujah, for I was dead and am made alive. All praise my Savior and friend. Honor and glory to Your Holy Name. I love You.

    Paul Gee / December 10, 2016

  • Oh Lord, thank You for your grace. Your mercy abounds in my life. With open arms I worship You. Thank You for never giving up on me. I am alive in You now. You’ve given me hope. My hearts ambitions are given over to worship You. My soul loves to give You praise. There is hope for this world because of Your great sacrifice. I am confident in Your salvation. Your promises are true. Help me share your gospel of grace to this world. Give me the words to speak. Let Your Spirit work within me to bring many more souls to repentance. You have the power to deliver them. It is my prayer that I can be that messenger for You. I love You.

    Paul Gee / December 10, 2016

  • Oh Lord, Your grace overflows in my life. Your mercy has changed the way I feel inside. You have set me free from the chains of sin. Thank You for Your great love. Your love gives me hope. I am honored to be enriched in your presence. You bless me immensely each day and my heart is beaming with gratitude. I praise You. You do so much and ask so little. What I offer You is my heart. Take it and do as You will. Use me to do Your great work. Teach me to know You better each day. Enlighten my soul daily. I believe in You. I love You.

    Paul Gee / December 8, 2016

  • I adore You, my Lord. I sing out in praise to You. I offer You my heart and soul. Take away anything that comes before You. Give me clean hands and a pure heart. Deliver me from temptation. Walk with me and teach me of Your ways. May Your love be the beacon of my life. Let Your light so shine that all the world may know of Your love. I don’t want to keep this gift of salvation to myself. Lead me to those open to Your message. I trust in You. I love You Lord.

    Paul Gee / December 6, 2016

  • Oh Lord, there is nothing like Your love. I am strengthened each day because of the cross. It is this matchless act of love that gives me hope. It is made clear how much You love each of us and want us to be happy. Thank You for delivering me from my old life of sin. My desire is to know You personally, for You are my King. Guide me and help me walk in Your ways. If I find those in need, I will stop and show them love. I will no longer leave them waiting but deliver them Your love. I love You Lord.

    Paul Gee / December 4, 2016

  • I love You Lord. My heart is so thankful this day for Your mercy and grace. There is salvation only because of You. Though I fall in sin, You lift me up. There is no one like You. Thank You for forgiving me. Thank You for continuing to hold out for me. Your promises never fail. Your love is never ending. All my hope is in You. Never leave me Lord. I may not be holy but I strive to have Your holiness in my life. I bless You among all people. You deserve the highest praise.

    Paul Gee / December 3, 2016

  • Oh Lord, I have been rescued so many times because of your great mercy. I never deserved a second chance at life but You continually show great kindness to me. You tell me things will be OK. That I am safe if I just hold onto You. I know this to be true for there is no greater joy than your presence. You lift me up. I love You.

    Paul Gee / December 1, 2016

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