Prayers: October 2017

  • Oh Lord, thank You for this night to witness in Your Name. I loved proclaiming the good news that You offer. It is only through You, Jesus, that we can be forgiven. We can be set free because of Your great mercy. I pray that those people that heard the gospel, tonight, may be convicted by the Spirit. Help people desire to walk in Your ways over the world. May everyone in sin, repent. Change their hearts that they may no longer walk in darkness. Lead them into Your glorious light. Help people understand the need to be a light to this generation. Lord, You led the way tonight. Though many people were not interested, some were. Even the few people that listened, made this night worth it. It was truly amazing to speak to so many people. Lord, You did it all. To God be all the glory. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 31, 2017

  • Oh Lord, lead us by the hand. Don’t let us fall victim to the temptations of the devil. I pray for people that participate in Halloween. Thank You for showing me the light and helping me understand how evil it truly is. You have opened my eyes to the darkness it holds. Lord, I do not want to participate in this pagan holiday any longer. Thank You for leading me to know it’s true nature. Help others to also live a life in Your light. Help us to abstain from the evils of this world. Help us to be an example to the lost. May your light scatter all darkness before us. I pray that we may desire to live every day for You. Not just part of us but everything we are. You have taught me to train my children in the faith and also train them to not participate in the activities of Halloween. Lord, I know that this may be a hard teaching to some but to those people, pierce their hearts that they may know who they truly follow. I know it is better to be blessed in Your kingdom then to fellowship in the world. You are worth more. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 30, 2017

  • Oh Lord, I am grateful for Your wisdom. Though I errored in my own ways for so long, I am grateful that You never gave up on me. You continually tugged at my heart until I finally listened. Though what seemed to be hard at first, was not so difficult when I understood the true meaning. My salvation was at stake and I knew that following in Your ways was more important. It didn’t matter what my family or friends thought of me. My current church may see that I am off base but Lord, You breathed truth into my heart and now I can see. Not only was I living in sin but also following the doctrines of men. Oh how my heart sunk when I came to know this, but Lord, how grateful I am to be shown the light. Because my heart was opened, You showed grace upon my wicked heart. I felt true forgiveness. Thank You Lord. I didn’t know how to live a different life on my own but You took me by the hand and helped me. I was born again because You love me. Your Spirit is a flame that keeps me going. Thank You Lord for caring so deeply for me. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 29, 2017

  • Oh Lord, I pray that the hearts of the people that I shared the gospel with may be convicted by way of the Holy Spirit. Thank You Lord for leading me to this young man. He was so open to know Your will. I pray that his heart may remain open. Lord, lead him by the hand and out of the Mormon faith. Thank You for leading me to others that were open to the truth of God. Holy Spirit, testify the truthfulness of Your gospel to them. To those that were closed off to the Word Of God, I pray that the seeds we planted may find nourishment. I may never see these people again, but I pray that they will be reminded by what was shared with them today. During their own studies in the Bible, I pray that the verses we shared will come to life and make an impact on their lives. May they desire to follow You over man. Help them find confidence in Your Words over what their prophets declare. Lord, I know that if anybody teaches contrary to the Bible that it is a false doctrine. Any other gospel but what Your Word teaches, is blasphemy. I don’t wish Mormons to go to hell. I wish that they would come to know You, Jesus. That they could be washed clean from their sins. Lord, bring them out of darkness and into Your light. I pray that many will heed Your calling. My heart breaks to see these people lost and in darkness. I trust that You can do all things. To God be all the glory. I love You Lord. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 28, 2017

  • Lord, I know that it is so easy to judge others when they have wronged us but I am grateful that You have taught me mercy. Thank You for saving a wretched sinner, such as I, and showing kindness towards me. Though I didn’t deserve it. I deserved the wrath of God and everlasting punishment but instead You forgave me and had mercy upon my soul. How great is Your love? I have never experienced such love and affection. Thank You for Your amazing grace. Thank You for teaching me that there is redemption for sins. I pray that Your same mercy will always be in my heart towards others. When enemies come before me, help me to love on them. Even those that despise me, I will love. Lord, prick their hearts that they might find You. Show them the true meaning of love. I believe in You. I trust in You. You can do all things. I pray that more people will be saved. Lead me to the broken. Let Your light so shine in my life that they might see Your goodness, oh Lord. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 26, 2017

  • Oh Lord, thank You for being an example of how to live a righteous life. Thank You for showing us mercy when all seems lost. You have come to our rescue when we need You most. Lord, You never forsake us. Thank You for not condemning us but helping us live a better life. Thank You for giving us direction. There is so much darkness in this world. Thank You for shining bright that I might see. Help us to obey Your commandments. Help us to truly show love to You, in our words and actions. When someone is in need, direct us to them that we might lend a helping hand. If we find someone in sin, let us not judge them but show them the way. Lord, You are the greatest example of how to love one another. May we look to You more and more in how to live and act around other people. Mend our hearts that more compassion may be shown to those around us. We love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 24, 2017

  • Oh Lord, thank You for Your kindness. Thank You for Your love. Thank You for forgiving a vile sinner, such as I. Your mercy gives me rewewed hope. I know that I am forgiven and that leads me to do greater things for Your kingdom. Your love has awakened my soul to serve You. You have welcomed me at Your table, though I come as a sinner. You didn’t cast me aside but helped me in. I had many things that pulled me aside but You ushered me in by the hand. You never left my side, though temptations kept coming in. Thank You for being there for me when I needed You the most. Every day that I seek You, You are there. You never forsake me. If I have come to know Your matchless love, it is because You have graciously shown it to me. You have put Your arms around me that I might be loved. I am grateful to know You. You are mighty to save. I love to be in Your presence. May more people come to know You as their personal Savior. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 23, 2017

  • Oh Lord, thank You for Your mercy. Thank You for welcoming me in, though I was so enamored in sin. I knew my sin was grievous in Your sight. I didn’t think Your mercy was for such a wicked person, such as I. This led me to cry myself to sleep at night. But Lord, You still cared for me. You have never forsaken me, though I was so far from You. Thank You for listening to my prayers. In my brokenness, Your love came over me. When I felt Your presence, I knew that You still cared for me. How merciful are You God. You have known my heart but knew I still had potential. You give me hope. My trust in You has propelled me to new heights. There is great joy in my life, because You are there. You hear my cries and come to my rescue. What a great God You are. I am honored to follow You. I praise Your holy Name. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 22, 2017

  • Oh Lord, I can see the great wickedness in this world. People have grown cold to the things of God and have become lovers of the flesh. They don’t realize the destruction that is in their path because of the life they are leading. What saddens me the most is when these same people revile against me when I speak truth to their hearts. I am trying to help them discover a more meaningful life in You, but instead they persecute me. Lord, I pray that the hearts of my enemies may be softened. All the people that are living in habitual sin, cut them to the heart. Help them know the dangers that await them if they do not repent. Lord, I know that our faith leads us to live in Your light. I pray that more people will heed Your message of hope and jump at the opportunity to repent and get right with You. May more people have faith that moves them to live for You. You are worth living for. I trust in You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 21, 2017

  • Oh Lord, what a wonderful night to be in Your harvest. You led the way and so many lives were changed in an instant. I couldn’t have done it on my own. The Holy Spirit is powerful and I am amazed, that through me, it can influence lives for salvation. As Your willing vessels, You do wonders through us. Lord, You give life abundant. As I shared with those teenage boys, You truly give happiness that never ends. Your joy is eternal. A life in sin is only temporary pleasure but always accompanies guilt and shame. I am grateful, Lord, that I know You. You have blessed my life immensely. I no longer have to worry about finding joy in all the wrong places. I am complete in You. You lift me up. You bring me abundant joy. The joy found in You is eternal. Thank You for this night. What a joy it is to be in your service. May these seeds bear fruit. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 20, 2017

  • Oh Lord, what a wonderful day it was to share the gospel with Mormons. It took boldness to go in their church and teach but You gave us strength to do it. What we saw today was people lost and not even knowing it. They are led by a prophet and blindly follow his commands. I just can’t believe that they would rather put their trust in him than You, Lord Jesus. I know that You can speak directly to us. I don’t have to follow in the teachings of man for I am secure in Your words. The Bible is enough to share truth with anyone that has an open heart. If people just read Your words and trust in You, doors will be opened. I know this to be true for I was once Mormon and You opened my eyes to Your great love. I was once lost but have now been found. I was blind but can now see. Thank You for taking the veil off my eyes. I love You Lord. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 15, 2017

  • Oh Lord, thank You for this most beautiful day. We met so many people with open hearts and I know it is all because of You. You led the way. You opened the doors that the gospel could be shared. Thank You for using us this day to do Your will. I am grateful for all the people we talked to. I am in awe at the number of people that re-committed to follow You. What an amazing day to be in Your harvest. Oh how blessed was it to be in Your service. I trust in You, Jesus. I know that lives change when hearts are open to Your message. Thank You for opening our mouths this day. We owe it all to You. I pray that these men and women, that we met will be strengthened in Your Holy Spirit. Lead them. Guide them. Light up their paths that all darkness may be scattered. I believe in You. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 14, 2017

  • Oh Lord, Thank You Lord. What a wonderful day to witness for You. We opened our mouths and You did the rest. One man gave His life to You. Praise the Lord! The gospel was shared and many received. People’s hearts were changed. Thank You Lord! Bibles and tracts were taken with great joy. All we needed was the materials and You prepared the way. You are such an amazing God! Thank you for leading us to those that were open to Your message of hope. Questions were asked and people were stirred to think on You and the Word of God. Wow, I am so amazed. Everything just fit into place perfectly. Even feeding the homeless was part of this glorious day. I am grateful that we had enough water and food to feed them. Not only food but Your living water was given into them through the Bible. Much prayer was made with the humble, this day. Thank You dear Lord, for all this and much more. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 13, 2017

  • Thank You Lord for this beautiful day. Thank You for leading us safely to Ogden, Utah. I know that we were led to this place for a reason. You prepared the way for us that many seeds may be planted. The ride in was glorious. Learning with other believers in the car was wonderful. It is amazing how much more I learn when two or more hearts have the same love for You. Lord, Your love has changed me. You move me. I am encaptured by Your beauty. I love to rejoice in Your great Name. Thank You for sending us into Your harvest. We delight in bringing the lost to You. We pray that many souls will be brought out of darkness and into Your light. Bless those people we spoke to this night. Spark a revival in their hearts to know You. I trust in You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 12, 2017

  • Oh Lord, You are my strength. You are my shield, when my enemies are round about. They can do no evil against me for You are there. You lift up my soul. I am not weak for You are by my side. I have the greatest gift in You. You have made me whole again. I am grateful just to be a part of Your plan. Use me to find the lost. Guide me, every day of my life. Lead me to the broken. Help me lend a helping hand. Your love has taught me to show comfort to the weary. May your truth be spoken through my mouth. Open my mouth, that You may fill it with Your Spirit. I trust in You. You lead me to all truth. My Lord, I am grateful to be led by You. I praise You. I glorify in Your Name. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 11, 2017

  • Oh Lord, I care so deeply for the lost. Use me to help them come to know You. Even the atheists, humble them to open their hearts to You. The teachers of this world have truly led so many people astray. They have taught so many lies about evolution and made it all to be facts. My heart is sickened by all the people they have deceived. Now, so many are on a path to destruction unless they repent. Lord, may these people desire to know more. May their ability to learn never stop after leaving the classroom. May they still listen when one speaks about You and Your great love. Just to know You is enough to change hearts and minds. I have seen people so far gone but still the Spirit of God has resurrected them that they might see. Just like You gave me sight, may more people come to see the grace that abounds only in You. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 9, 2017

  • Oh Lord, thank you for restoring my life into Your love. Though I was so lost, You came for me that I might be made new. Thank You for caring so deeply for my soul. Who am I to find delight in Your sight? Thank You for hearing my prayers. My confessions were made and You found mercy. Thank You for delivering me out of the hands of the enemy. Lord, I pray for anyone that is still in bondage of sin. May their hearts be convicted of their sins. Cast away all darkness from their eyes that they may see the beauty of following in Your footsteps. May their be more people that are humbled. May more people open their hearts to receive You. I know that You can heal anyone’s life. I trust in You for healing. You are my deliverer. I praise You, my Savior. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 8, 2017

  • Lord, thank You for this glorious opportunity to pass out Bibles. You surely prepared a way for us to do so. There were few of us but doors opened wide that more Bibles could be given out. You did it all Lord. We put our trust in You and You did the rest. Thank You so much. I know that lives change by putting our trust in You. Just by reading Your words, there is peace. There is wisdom and knowledge each time we pick up the Bible to read. You speak to each of us differently. Your words are alive and lead us all safely on your path to eternal life. I can see the never ending joy that comes into the lives of those that believe in You and trust in Your words. Not our own selves but what You can do inside of us. I know You can make me a better person each day. There is nothing I’d rather do than to serve You. You are the king of my life and I am honored to worship You. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 7, 2017

  • Oh Lord, wake all those people up that are asleep. Many have gone astray but still think they are in good standing with You. They may not fear now but there will be much fear when they finally realize what they’ve done, in judgement. May that not have to happen. May people wake up now and repent before the hour is near. Lord, I know that what I’ve done for You is good, but what I am doing now for You is greater. I know that I cannot dwell in Your presence while in sin. Lord, You help me hate the sight of sin and fight against it. Sure, I don’t have these desires when I don’t seek You but when I do, I have armor to fight. Lord, I don’t wish to give up this fight. I wish to do the Will of God all the days of my life. Be the shining light in my path. Lead me safely home, oh Lord. You are worth more than anything this world offers. I love You more. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 4, 2017

  • Oh Lord, I am grateful for Your mercy. Thank You for rescuing such a wretched soul like me. Thank You for having so much patience for me, though I fell so often. Thank You for pulling me back up when I fall. I am strengthened every day that You are there. My life is in order with You in my life. I can do greater things with You as my guide. I love Your counsel. Your wisdom is great. I no longer wish to be alone. May the lusts of my flesh have no more power over me. May my passion to serve You, come before everything. Lord, I wish everyone could see Your great love. I wish they could see what they are truly missing out on, without You in their life. You complete me in every way possible. I was weak but, now, I am strong. I was blind but cannot see. I was lost but am now found. You are my good shepherd. I shall fear no evil. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 2, 2017

  • Oh Lord, I give thanks for all the blessings I receive from You daily. You are ever so kind, Lord Jesus. You have called me out of a life of sin, over and over, and finally I listened. Because, I humbled myself to receive You in my life, I was set free. My faith in You, is more than words. You have done a miracle in my life that I might also live by my words. I am a living testament that lives can be changed. Lord, I love everything You teach me. I am hungry for Your words. Pierce through the hearts of all professing Christians and the lost. May their hearts be broken enough to receive Your words with joy. May the walls of doubt come tumbling down. Lord, I call upon the hard hearted to repent. I call upon those in sin to come out darkness and into Your light. Lord, use me to bring them to their knees. May Your Spirit give me words to speak to the lost. May their be much fruit from my labors, of God. I desire that many more are saved in Your kingdom. I love You. Amen.

    Paul Gee / October 1, 2017

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