Prayers: June 2016

  • Be near Oh Lord, all the days of our life. When we falter, raise us up to walk a new with You again. This life can be tough and we need your help. We experience so many obstacles each day that try to drive us away from you. These temptations are satisfying to the flesh but hurt our soul. We are tired of walking aimlessly, not knowing which way to go. All this does is put a wrench in our heart. It fills us with temporary joy but sorrow thereafter. Your love is greater and we long for it. Come near to us and give us rest. Take our sorrow and bring us to a place of comfort. Lead us to a place where there is only peace. We long for your eternal joy where there is no pain. Your love is powerful and lifts us up to follow You. We all need more of this love in our lives. It is life changing. It leads us to do good. You have a way with us Lord. You know exactly what we need to be truly happy. Our desires to do good is elevated when You are with us. Keep us near always. We know that our time on earth is limited and we want to come out on top. The only way we can know that our life was prosperous is if we can see You with joy in heaven. We believe in You. Your saving grace has touched each of our lives.

    Paul Gee / June 29, 2016

  • Thank You Lord for teaching me how to be a better husband and father to my wife and kids. You are the light in my life. My hope is to lead my family in your love all the days of my life. Nothing will bring me more joy than to be with You and my family in heaven. You are the bearer of all good news. I love reading your words. Your teachings bear me up when I am down. You are always there for me. Your love is amazing.

    Paul Gee / June 28, 2016

  • Oh Lord, your love has taken me by storm. I was lost but am made whole again. You have taken my chains and made me free. I thought I found joy in the world but all it did was bring me pain. Your joy is something I’ve never felt before. It is like the sun’s rays beating on my heart. You’ve bared my burdens and I am made light. I seek no evil for my heart beats only for You. I trust in You. This life is all for You, Jesus. I am saved from sin because of your saving grace. I always wondered how a person like me could be saved. Now I know that your kindness has no bounds. You see through the filth and rags all around us. You can see the potential in each of us. All I had to do was turn my thoughts to You. Once I found you, you weren’t angry but embraced me with open arms. I was in tears when you came for me and You gave me comfort. All my fears were over. Thank You for your forgiveness. Your mercy has changed my life forever. You are my healer. I am overjoyed for You are with me. You hold my heart in your hands. I love You, my Lord.

    Paul Gee / June 26, 2016

  • Oh Lord, my heart burns for You. I love your presence. You are welcome in my life. You give me hope. I will follow You. I will listen when You speak. Your counsels are wise. Thank You for your plan in my life. Fill the atmosphere with the Holy Spirit. Lead all those that believe on You to become more aware of your presence.

    Paul Gee / June 24, 2016

  • Oh, Lord I am here for You. You are everything to me. You are my strength. Help me to love more earnestly. Teach me to walk in your ways. My heart is filled with your love. My hands are held high to praise You. I love your presence. I sing to You, for I love You.

    Paul Gee / June 22, 2016

  • Oh Lord, my health comes from You. You lift me up and help me on my path. Thank You Lord for looking into my life. When I am weak, You bear my burdens. You help ease my pain. You give me comfort. I am safe in your arms. I have no fear for You are near. I praise your Holy Name. I love You.

    Paul Gee / June 20, 2016

  • Oh God, my Heavenly Father, hallowed be your Name. We honor You. All praise to Your Holy Name. You are greater than all men. How great Thou art. Hosanna to the highest. Let us rejoice for You are our King. You are worthy of all praise. Thank You for watching over me. You are more lovely than the stars above. You bring me much joy. Your love radiates within me. You keep me safe from harm. I cling to You for shelter and You are always there. Let your Name be praised not just on this day but forevermore. You are so good to us, Lord. You are always there for us. Nothing can match your majesty. I love your presence. When I speak to You, I can feel You all around me. I listen for your counsel. Your words have meaning in my life. Lead me and guide me. I can do all things by your hand. By your simple touch I am changed in an instant. Your Spirit moves my soul to do good. Your love for me is real. You surely are a good good Father. Thank You for your gift of salvation. It has given me freedom from sin. You are my deliverer in times of need. Nothing matches your love for me. You are my comforter. I can lean on You on all things. I am blessed to have a wonderful father on earth and in heaven. I love You.

    Paul Gee / June 19, 2016

  • Oh Lord, I am filled by your everlasting love. I can feel your peace within my heart. When I am tired and weak you lift me up. Your Spirit is all around me. The atmosphere is calm when you are with me. Nothing brings me more joy than your presence. I love You Lord. I live for You. Only You. You are my rock. You make me brave. Let your love shine down on me. Teach me how to love my neighbor as myself. Teach me the art of compassion. My heart is humbled before You now. I want to be like You, Jesus. Teach me to be holy. Clear the unclean thoughts from my mind each day. Let my mind be given over to You. Make my paths straight. Your Spirit is welcome in my life. I owe all to You. Thank You for dying for me on the cross. I was lost but am found. Your arms of righteousness came over me and renewed my soul. I cried for I was unworthy before You. I had drifted so far away from You but you still came for me. I called your Name and you were there. You heard my cries and soothed my soul. I am whole again because of your grace. Thank You for your mercy. I can feel your sweet serenity in my heart.

    Paul Gee / June 18, 2016

  • Oh Lord, you are everything to me. You have my heart. I love your presence. When you speak to my heart I am overjoyed. I love your counsel. You are wise beyond compare. I seek You in prayer for I am in need of your love. Your words fill my heart with gladness. My hope is secure in You Jesus. I trust in you above all things. I live my life to follow You.

    Paul Gee / June 17, 2016

  • Oh Lord, thank you for your amazing grace. My heart has found a new home in your presence. I am safe in your arms. I trust that I can do all things according to your will.

    Paul Gee / June 16, 2016

  • Oh Lord, I choose You. You have given me new life. How can I thank You enough for dying for me. Thank You for the cross. You mean the world to me. I will follow You. Where ever you lead me I will go. I will heed your counsel. I will stay strong in the Word of God. Your words are a lamp unto my feet. My heart is yours. You fill me with your love each and every day. I will stand and worship You. I lift You up in the highest praise. I love You, my Lord.

    Paul Gee / June 14, 2016

  • Oh Lord, I will follow You. There is no other Name that brings me more joy. Your ways are perfect. Lead me on your path of righteousness. I am strengthened because of your love. Deliver me from evil and be with me always. I am secure in your loving arms. Thank you for your mercy. You forgive me so many times even though I am not worthy. Your love amazes me. You give me hope. You are the anchor in my life. Hosanna to the highest. All praise and honor to your Name. I love You.

    Paul Gee / June 10, 2016

  • Oh Lord, You have delivered me from my addiction. I am no longer a slave to my lusts. I am liberated because of the cross. You had mercy upon me and washed my sins away. Thank you for your kindness. I live with much joy in my heart for You are with me. I love You Lord.

    Paul Gee / June 9, 2016

  • Oh Lord, I give my heart to You. When I am hurting inside you give me peace. Even when times are hard I will never give up on You. I have freedom in your Name. I lift my eyes to You, Lord. I praise and honor You.

    Paul Gee / June 8, 2016

  • I love You Lord. I am Yours. Have your way in me. I will look to You in all things. I am safe in your arms. You give me courage to make it through the storms of life. You hold the keys to my heart. Hosanna, to the Lord in the highest.

    Paul Gee / June 7, 2016

  • Oh Lord, You matter most in my life. You burn within my soul. Stay with me always. You’ve given me something greater than anyone can offer.

    Paul Gee / June 6, 2016

  • Oh Lord, our hope rests in You. You are most glorious above all. Through your grace I am forgiven. Thank you for your mercy. You changed my life and I am forever yours. You are the reason I am here. As I come before You I can feel the prayers of the faithful. Show us your power, Lord. We love your presence. Your glory is round about us. We sing hallelujah to your Name. You are most beautiful above all. We cannot contain our praise and worship. Be with us always. Let your will be done.

    Paul Gee / June 5, 2016

  • Oh Lord, I pray that many people will come to know You. Lead me to those that are ready to hear your message. Make me a vessel to bring about your gospel to the world. To believe in your Name is life changing. I commit this day to follow You. Your love has won my heart. I circumcise my heart before You. I belong to You, Jesus. You are most important in my life. Forever will I follow in your ways. Your Spirit came upon me and filled me with joy. Your love has overcome my ever desire. You light up my life. I long to be with You. I love your presence. My heart burns for You. You have taken my heart and changed me from within. I am able to control my lusts. I have put aside my additions. My pride is put to rest. I gave You my heart and You had mercy upon me. I can feel your sweet forgiveness in my life. You came to me and gave me hope. You lift me up when I am down. I was weak but You made me strong. You saw the best in me even when I thought I was finished. You took my shame and filled me with love. I am no longer a slave to fear for I am a child of God. I was never a good writer but You gave me the words and I write. I trust in You, Lord. I can’t wait for the day that I can greet you in heaven. My heart will forever praise your Holy Name.

    Paul Gee / June 4, 2016

  • My dear Lord, I love You. I cherish every moment to worship You. My heart sings praise to your Name. You are most beautiful among anything I’ve ever known. My hope rests in You always. May You always find rest in my heart. I give You honor and praise. I live to magnify your Name.

    Paul Gee / June 3, 2016

  • I love You Lord. Thank you for your amazing grace. As times get hard I will come to You. I know You will never let me down.

    Paul Gee / June 2, 2016

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